Ninja takes on YETI with its first ever cool box, the FrostVault

Ninja’s new FrostVault might be the best cooler on the market - here’s why

Ninja FrostVault
(Image credit: Ninja)

Ninja is launching its first ever cool box, the FrostVault. A must-have for the summer season, the Ninja FrostVault has a big 28-litre capacity, a dry storage drawer and a stylish, durable design.

Pricing and launch date of the Ninja FrostVault has yet to be announced.

From the kitchen to the garden, Ninja is taking on YETI and launching its first ever cool box. Cleverly called the Ninja FrostVault, the new cooler is this summer’s must-have product for garden parties, barbecues, beach days and camping trips… that’s if it gets an official launch date anytime soon.

During the SharkNinja EMEA launch event held in February this year, Ninja announced many different products, including the DoubleStack Air Fryer, the Thirsti sparkling water maker and the first of its kind, the ProChef Connected Thermometer. The latter wasn’t the only new style of product announced at the event, as Ninja also showed off its plans to expand into the best cool boxes.

I was lucky enough to head out to Mallorca to attend the event and see the new products in action, but the last thing I expected to see (and something that I was most impressed by) was the Ninja FrostVault. On display in two different sizes and colours, the Ninja FrostVault has been equipped with plenty of cooling design features that might give YETI a run for its money.

As the name suggests, the Ninja FrostVault is an insulated hard-shell cooler that keeps your drinks, food and other snacks at the perfect cooled temperature. The Ninja FrostVault is available in two different sizes, the smaller 28-litres and the larger 47-litres. It offers both ice and dry storage, and at its maximum size, it can hold up to 80 cans or 50 bottles at a time, while keeping ice cold and frozen for up to six days.

Ninja FrostVault

(Image credit: Ninja)

When I got to see it in person, the part of the Ninja FrostVault that impressed me the most was its dry storage drawer. Located at the bottom of the cooler, the Dyr Zone drawer is best at keeping food cold, dry and at food-safe temperatures of under 4.5°C. The drawer is ideal for storing fresh ingredients, and it’s a clever way to separate your food from your drinks, and raw food from cooked food.

The Ninja FrostVault has a similar design to YETI cool boxes, like the YETI Tundra 35. Available in white or grey, the Ninja FrostVault has up to 7cm of insulation, a lockable lid and drawer latch, and moulded handles for easy transportation. The bigger size might be a little tricky to cart around to different locations, especially when it’s full, but it’ll definitely be a welcome addition to any camping or beach trip.

The slight catch on the Ninja FrostVault is that its price hasn’t been confirmed yet, and we’re still not entirely sure when it’s coming to the UK market. It’s currently available on the Ninja US site in 30qt and 50qt sizes, with prices starting at $199.99. I imagine pricing will be similar in the UK, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

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