Ninja takes on Meater with its first ever meat thermometer

Ninja’s ProChef Connected Thermometer could beat Meater at its own game

A roast chicken sat on vegetables with two meat thermometers inside it
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Ninja has recently announced a host of new and exciting product launches, including its first ever meat thermometer which could beat Meater at its own game. The Ninja ProChef Connected Thermometer is an impressive wireless probe that comes with a supporting app, long battery life and versatile design.

During the SharkNinja EMEA Launch Event which took place last week, I got to see an exclusive look at all the new products coming this year. These new additions to the Ninja brand include the Double Stack air fryer, a sparkling water machine, supersized versions of its Ninja Creami, and much more.

While Ninja has developed its own food thermometers for its appliances, the ProChef Connected Thermometer is the first standalone model from the brand, as its other thermometers have always been integrated within an air fryer or barbecue. Taking inspiration from the popular Meater brand, which sits highly in our best meat thermometer guide, the Ninja ProChef Connected Thermometer has an impressive line-up of features, designed to help users cook with confidence.

The Ninja ProChef Connected Thermometer is able to withstand temperatures of up to 370°C, and can be used during roasting, smoking, charring, grilling and searing. Using HeatShield technology, the meat thermometer is flame resistant, waterproof and has dual sensors to ensure it delivers the most accurate readings time after time.

The new meat thermometer from Ninja can be used on both indoor and outdoor appliances, including BBQs, ovens, firepits and more. The Ninja ProChef Connected Thermometer can be used with any Ninja product you own or plan to buy, to elevate your cooking experience with the brand. Another notable feature of the Ninja ProChef Connected Thermometer is its battery life which has been extended to offer up to 30 hours of power at a time.

Ninja ProChef Connected Thermometer

(Image credit: Ninja)

The most interesting feature of the Ninja ProChef Connected Thermometer is its accompanying app. By connecting the thermometer to the Ninja Pro Connect app, you can view and customise the entire cooking process from your smartphone. The app gives live cooking updates, expert guidance and product-specific settings tailored to the food and appliance you’re using.

I got to see the Ninja ProChef Connected Thermometer at the SharkNinja EMEA Launch Event and was excited to see an individual thermometer from the brand. I’ve tested my fair share of meat thermometers, and particularly enjoy using the Meater 2 Plus, which launched last year.

Developing on its original thermometer design, Meater gave the Meater 2 Plus a thinner probe design for easier use on smaller sizes and different cuts of meat and other foods. As the ProChef Connected Thermometer is Ninja’s first standalone thermometer, the design is quite thick so I’m intrigued to see how it’ll perform with certain foods.

As of writing, the Ninja ProChef Connected Thermometer doesn’t have a set launch date or price, but we’re excited to test it out to see if it gives Meater a run for its money… or not.

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