Ninja takes the battle to SodaStream with its first ever drinks system

Ninja expands into beverages with its SodaStream dupe, the Ninja Thirsti

Ninja Thirsti
(Image credit: Ninja)

Leading air fryer and small appliance brand, Ninja recently announced its first ever drinks maker and its plans to expand into the beverage industry in the UK. The Ninja Thirsti Drink System creates both still and sparkling drinks that can be completely customised to your taste, unlocking over a thousand different drink combinations.

The SharkNinja EMEA Launch Event took place last week, and it’s all anyone has been able to talk about. I was lucky enough to attend and got to see all the new innovations from both Shark and Ninja, including the Ninja Double Stack Air Fryer, the brand’s first ever standalone meat thermometer and Shark’s NeverChange Air Purifier.

Among these recent announcements is the Ninja Thirsti. While Ninja is most known for its range of the best air fryers, the brand has surprised many with its new drink system that could give SodaStream a run for its money. Similar to SodaStream’s many offerings, the Ninja Thirsti produces still or sparkling water at the push of a button, using a CO2 cylinder located in the back of the machine.

With customisation in mind, the Ninja Thirsti allows you to completely personalise your drinks’ flavour, strength, carbonation and size. It has three fizz levels, four drink sizes and two flavour strengths to choose from so you can experiment with your drinks and cater to the whole family.

To accompany the beverage maker, Ninja has its own Thirsti Flavour Pods, a unique and healthier take on SodaStream syrups. The three pods available are made using real fruit, natural colours and no added sugar. The Quench, Revive and Energise pods are hydrating, flavourful and each have their own blend of vitamins and taste combinations.

Ninja Thirsti

(Image credit: Ninja)

The Ninja Thirsti Quench offers seven ‘squash-inspired’ flavours, including orange, lemon-lime, apple & blackcurrant, elderflower & lemon, strawberry and summer fruits. Revive has five tropical flavours and uses a blend of vitamin C and zinc to hydrate and energise its drinkers, while Energise is designed to refresh and recharge with its vitamin B3 and caffeine infused flavour options.

You might be thinking ‘where do the thousands of drink combinations come from?’ and the simple answer is that you can mix and match all the different pod flavours as much as you like.

I got to see the Ninja Thirsti in action, and it doesn’t look too dissimilar to the latest model from SodaStream, the SodaStream E-Terra. The minimalist design is tall, uses black and silver colours and looks like a fizzy drinks dispenser that you see at restaurants and cinemas.

Ninja hasn’t stopped there, as it’s also launching its Thirst Travel Bottles range so users can take their drinks on-the-go without losing any fizz. The bottles are designed to maintain carbonation and stay cold (or hot) for up to 48 hours. I’ve been using a Thirsti Travel Bottle for a few months, and can definitely vouch for its insulation, as my water is always perfectly cold, no matter how long it’s been in there for.

The Ninja Thirsti is set to launch in the UK later this year. Luckily for US customers, the Ninja Thirsti has been available on the Ninja US website for a while now, and will set you back $179.99.

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