SodaStream E-Terra review: a quick, smart and easy sparkling water maker

Does the new SodaStream E-Terra sparkling water maker live up to the hype? Here’s our full review…

SodaStream E-Terra review
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T3 Verdict

With three carbonation levels, easy controls and a techy design, the SodaStream E-Terra is a premium piece of kitchen tech to introduce to your home, especially if you want to healthify your fizz drinks. While it’s not too different from other SodaStreams and you need to carry on buying things for it if you use it regularly, the SodaStream E-Terra is still the most innovative sparkling water maker from the brand to date.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Quick and customisable carbonation

  • +

    Super simple controls

  • +

    Fun lighting and design

  • +

    Tasty flavours

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Need to buy things for it consistently

  • -

    Not too dissimilar to previous SodaStream generations

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In T3’s SodaStream E-Terra review, I put the newest addition to the SodaStream range to the test to see if it beat its predecessors for the title of best sparkling water maker… let’s see how it fared.

SodaStream is arguably the most popular home carbonation appliance brand on the market. For sparkling water fans and for those who want to make healthier options of their favourite fizzy drinks, SodaStream has an extensive portfolio of sparkling water makers which turn your tap water into sparkling carbonated beverages – see our guide to should I buy a SodaStream? for more information.

With a focus on making their products simpler, smarter and more eco-friendly, SodaStream launched the new SodaStream E-Terra in 2023. At launch, SodaStream stated that the E-Terra is the most advanced, automated and smart sparkling water maker out there so I decided to give it a try to see how it performed and how different it was to its siblings. Is the SodaStream E-Terra worth it? Let’s find out… 

SodaStream E-Terra review: Unboxing & set-up

The SodaStream E-Terra arrived in a big cardboard box with little to no plastic packaging, so the brand already gets points for making an effort to be more environmentally friendly. Inside the box, I received the SodaStream E-Terra, a 1L reusable plastic bottle, 60L Quick Connect CO2 Cylinder, wiring, multiple plug types and instructions. It’s worth noting that if you want to try SodaStream flavours, you’ll need to buy these separately and they’ll arrive in a different box. Alongside the SodaStream E-Terra, I got the Pepsi Max, Summer Orange and Crisp Apple flavours.

Setting up the SodaStream E-Terra was incredibly easy and the instructions make the whole process easy to follow. To get started with the SodaStream E-Terra, all you have to do is connect the plug and wiring to the bottom of the appliance and install the gas cylinder into the back of the machine. This all took a matter of minutes so it was ready to go as soon as I unpacked it.

SodaStream E-Terra review

(Image credit: Beth Girdler-Maslen / T3)

SodaStream E-Terra review: Design & features

The SodaStream E-Terra is designed to offer the perfect carbonation experience with one simple touch, thanks to its electric automatic interface. Once plugged in, the SodaStream E-Terra is ready to go and has three preset carbonation levels to choose from (light, medium or strong) so you can customise how carbonated you want your water. Again, all of this is done via the buttons on the top so it really is as simple as pushing a button.

Similar to other SodaStream sparkling water makers, the SodaStream E-Terra has a Patented Quick Connect system that easily recognises and connects to your gas cylinder. To connect the bottle to the machine, the SodaStream E-Terra uses Bottle Snap & Lock technology to keep it securely in place while it’s in action.

The exciting part of the SodaStream E-Terra is its blue atmosphere light which illuminates the water when in use. Alongside its sleek, compact and techy design, the SodaStream E-Terra has LED electric buttons on the top of the device and the entire appliance is available in either black or white colourways.

SodaStream E-Terra review

(Image credit: Beth Girdler-Maslen / T3)

SodaStream E-Terra review: Performance

As I mentioned above, the SodaStream E-Terra is extremely easy to set-up and start using. Once the gas cylinder is attached and it’s plugged in, the SodaStream E-Terra will light up blue around the carbonation nozzle and the LED buttons to indicate it’s ready. After filling up the bottle with water, it’s easy to attach to the machine with Bottle Snap & Lock – I wasn’t sure how to fix it to start with but it just clicks into place easily without too much fuss or stress. It’s almost like screwing a cap on top of a bottle and there’s no real room for error which is always handy if you’re a bit technologically challenged!

After pressing the carbonation level of choice (I preferred medium), the SodaStream E-Terra fizzes your water quickly and I thought the blue lighting was a nice yet practical touch to show you when it’s in use and when you can remove the bottle. The entire process takes only a few seconds and I found that the carbonation lasts for a surprisingly long time, especially if you keep it in the fridge.

SodaStream E-Terra review

(Image credit: Beth Girdler-Maslen / T3)

I really enjoyed the design of the SodaStream E-Terra. My family had an old SodaStream when I was a teenager and compared to that with the old bright green plastic construction, I have to say the SodaStream E-Terra definitely looks better and much less cartoon-y. The SodaStream E-Terra is also much more advanced with its different carbonation levels and the gas cylinder seems to last for multiple uses and sessions.

If you want to make flavoured drinks with the SodaStream E-Terra, you need to fizz the water on its own first. It’s almost like how you’d make squash: you pour the flavouring in a glass first before topping it off with sparkling water. While some people who tried it with me thought that it was strange to not fizz the water and flavour together, I preferred it this way as you can determine the type of strength you want. The Pepsi Max flavour was true to taste, the Summer Orange was fruity and the Crisp Apple was refreshing so I’d definitely recommend those.

One negative I found with the SodaStream E-Terra is that it’s really not too dissimilar to its predecessors. Of course, I’m not expecting the E-Terra and the Terra to be wildly different from one another, but the only main difference I could see was the three carbonation levels. Other than that, the two sparkling water makers are basically the same. This leaves me to question that people who already own a SodaStream probably won’t feel the need to upgrade to the new E-Terra.

SodaStream E-Terra review: Price

The SodaStream E-Terra is £144.99 at SodaStream and other select retailers. This cost is for the Starter Kit which is what I’ve tested out here. Compared to other SodaStreams, the pricing for the SodaStream E-Terra is pretty similar, although it has yet to be offered in a Flavour Kit or Hydration Kit. I expect the SodaStream E-Terra will drop in price once it’s been available for longer, and if it does, make sure you have our page for the best SodaStream deals bookmarked.

Like I said before, the SodaStream E-Terra Starter Kit doesn’t come with flavours and you’ll need to buy these separately. Depending on the flavours you choose, prices typically start at £8 if you’re just buying one or you can buy 2 packs or 4 packs. Amazon is the best place to look for SodaStream flavours.

SodaStream E-Terra review: Verdict

The SodaStream E-Terra is a premium sparkling water maker which is advanced, quick and easy to use. With plenty of flavour options and carbonation levels to choose from, it’s a top machine to have in your kitchen if you like sparkling water or carbonated drinks. It also looks great, is small enough to fit in any sized kitchen and has a few fun features, like its blue lighting.

There isn’t too much to complain about the SodaStream E-Terra: it does the job and it does it well. If you use the SodaStream E-Terra consistently, you’ll need to factor in the regular costs of the gas cylinder and you’ll need to bulk buy flavourings which isn’t awful but can add up. The SodaStream E-Terra is also very similar to other SodaStream models (unsurprisingly) but I’m not sure if I’d pay extra for more carbonation levels, so again, that’s something to consider.

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