New SodaStream E-TERRA is the iPhone of carbonated water makers

SodaStream’s new sparkling water makers have new electric interfaces & sustainable features

SodaStream E-TERRA & E-DUO launch
(Image credit: SodaStream)

SodaStream has just launched two new models to their impressive line-up of sparkling water makers: the E-TERRA and the E-DUO. The new additions to the brand’s portfolio are designed to “amplify the brand’s efforts to provide a sustainable, elevated sparkling water experience through distinct designs, innovative features and versatile options at a diverse price point.”

With over 120 years of experience, the SodaStream name has become well known for its home carbonation systems. Whether you’re a sparkling water fan or you want to make healthier options of your favourite fizzy drinks, SodaStream’s portfolio of sparkling water makers turn your tap water into exciting carbonated beverages, all with the touch of a button – see our guide on should I buy a SodaStream? for more details.

As SodaStream has expanded its product offerings, their sparkling water makers have become smarter and more innovative, and that’s the case with its new products, the E-TERRA and E-DUO. The SodaStream E-TERRA is the most exciting addition to the range, featuring a unique electric interface that allows users to carbonate water with just one touch. This automated experience is quick and easy, plus the E-TERRA has three preset levels so you can customise your carbonation the way you like it.

SodaStream has also added a blue atmosphere light to the E-TERRA which lights the water while in use. This is a first for SodaStream sparkling water makers, and gives the E-TERRA another level of attraction to its sleek design. Complete with new LED electric buttons, the E-TERRA has a slim textured design that will fit nicely in all kitchens, and it’s available in black or white colourways.

SodaStream E-TERRA

(Image credit: SodaStream)

The second addition to the SodaStream line, the E-DUO is the most advanced model from the brand, as it’s the first automated sparkling water maker that’s compatible with both glass and plastic bottles (and these will come with your purchase). The E-DUO has similar features to the E-TERRA, including precise electric carbonation and the blue coloured LED buttons but this model has more of a modern-industrial design that features a mix of matte and shiny surfaces.

Both the E-TERRA and the E-DUO are impressive advancements to the SodaStream range, thanks to their electric interfaces, LED lighting, techy-style features and focus on sustainability. If you love sparkling water, these new additions should definitely be introduced to your kitchen.

When it comes to price, the E-TERRA is £144.99 for the starter kit on the SodaStream website and it’s available for $159.99 in the US at Amazon, Target and other select retailers. When you buy the starter kit, you get the E-TERRA sparkling water maker, a Quick Connect CO2 cylinder and 1-litre plastic bottle. The E-DUO is available exclusively at Williams Sonoma for $199.99 but it’s not yet available in the UK.

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