Best gym water bottle 2020: stay hydrated for better gains in the gym

The ultimate gym bag staple, alongside a small towel

best gym water bottle
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Wherever we look, we are constantly being told that hydration is paramount and that we don't drink enough. And probably it is true. It's certainly true at the gym, where you can start feeling like you might die if you are not massively hydrated. And that's where buying the best gym water bottle comes in.

Although drinking water can feel kind of like a fad, a fitness craze that will subside eventually, drinking water is important and you should drink more. Drinking two cups of black coffee and/or five mugs of tea a day won't cut it. Caffeine, which can be found in both coffee and black tea, is a mild diuretic, meaning that you will lose roughly the same amount of liquid as what you take in when you drink those.

Drinking plenty is even more important if you exercise. You should drink around half a litre of water an hour before you hit the gym and drink continuously when you are there, at least around quarter of a litre for each 15 minutes you spend in there. After, take in some protein and quick sugars to maximise muscle repair.

There is literally no downside of drinking water. You might have to go to the loo a bit more often, but presumably there is one at every workplace nowadays. Standing up from your desk and moving around a bit every hour or so is recommended anyway.

best gym water bottle

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What is a gym water bottle?

What makes a reusable water bottle a gym water bottle?

Gym water bottles need to be a bit sturdier because they are more likely to be kicked around or knocked over in the gym. It is also beneficial for it to be larger in volume; you will spend anything 30 minutes upwards in the gym so you will need to drink at least 500 ml of water while you are there.

Also worth mentioning that the below gym water bottles are water bottles and not shakers. Although some of them have the benefit of a larger opening on the top, it is probably for the best to keep these for water only to avoid any bad taste or floating bits in your water.

The best gym water bottles, in order

Best gym water bottle: Bulk Powders Pro Series water bottle

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1. Bulk Powders Pro Series Water Bottle

Doubles up as a dumbbell when full

Volume: 2200 ml
BPA-free: : Yes
Reasons to buy
+Carry handle+HUGE volume
Reasons to avoid
-Not suitable for hot drinks/freezer

This is not a gym water bottle bottle you can shove in a bumbag but in return, using Pro Series is probably the easiest way to hit your recommended daily water intake goal. It can hold over two litres of liquid so just fill it up in the morning and if it's empty by the time you go to bed, you drank enough water for the day.

As mentioned at the beginning, it is not recommended to mix anything with water in this gym water bottle, given the small mouth on the top. It is practically impossible to scrub the insides, so if you have dried protein powder bits stuck to the area close to the lid, it might take a while to have them cleaned.

The Bulk Powders Pro Series water bottle has a stainless steel screw-on cap, ergonomic handle and a nylon carrying loop, making it easy to drink form it and to carry it around. When it's full, it doubles up as a 2 kg dumbbell so you can superset your water intake sessions with bicep curls. Perfect.

best gym water bottle: BFA 750ML MOBILITY WATER BOTTLE

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2. BFA 750ml Mobility Water Bottle

Water bottle AND foam roller in one

Volume: 750 ml
BPA-free: Yes (stainless steel)
Weight: 312g
Dimensions: 28cm x 7.5cm
RRP: £19.99
Reasons to buy
+Multifunctional+Sturdy+Built-in straw
Reasons to avoid
-Expensive (for a water bottle)-Difficult to hand clean

• Buy the BFA 750ml Mobility Water Bottle directly from Built for Athletes

The BFA 750ml Mobility Water Bottle is a sort of accessory that makes you slap your forehead and think: "why have nobody thought of this before?" What makes this a mobility water bottle? Just have another look: the ribbed outer shell practically transforms this water bottle into a foam roller. Yeah, you read that right.

This is a crazy idea, we agree. But if you think about it, the concept of the BFA 750ml Mobility Water Bottle is also genius. The shape of this water bottle is perfect for rolling smaller areas like the calves or even the lats, but it can also help relieve tension in the front of the quads, using your hands to apply pressure (as opposed to the bottle resting on the floor and you are rolling on it).

The 750ml capacity is plenty big enough for most workouts and the integrated straw makes sure you can retrieve every last drop of the liquid from the bottle. You can always just unscrew the top of the bottle and drink without the straw, too. The BFA 750ml Mobility Water Bottle has a narrow neck so it is a bit fiddly to clean it but as long as you only drink water from it and air dry it when not in use, it should be okay not to wash it every day, given it's made of stainless steel.

Best gym water bottle: Sistema Traverse Tritan

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3. Sistema Traverse Tritan water bottle

Great size and very ergonomic

Volume: 850 ml
BPA-free: : Yes
Reasons to buy
+Finger loop+Durable
Reasons to avoid
-Rounded bottom makes it easier to fall over-Can't choose colour (on Amazon)

The Sistema Traverse Tritan is the ideal sized gym water bottle: 850 ml should be enough for a 45-50 minute session and if you are not in the gym to socialise, that should be more than enough time to do your workout efficiently.

The Traverse is made out of durable Tritan plastic which is also BPA and phthalate free. This stain and odour free bottle can be washed in the dishwasher and it is also freezer proof. you don't have to worry about water going everywhere in your gym bag either; the Traverse is absolutely leak proof.

Although it comes in a variety of colours, like blue, green, red, purple, black and white/clear, you can't pick which one you'd like when you order it off Amazon.

Great value for money and surely a sturdy companion in the gym.

Best gym water bottle: Ion8 Slim water bottle

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4. Ion8 Slim water bottle

Secures your water better than Fort Knox would

Volume: 500 ml
BPA-free: : Yes
Reasons to buy
+Fits in cup holders+One touch lid-opening system
Reasons to avoid
-Rubber stopper is easy to misplace

The Ion8 slim water bottle is the smallest in volume on our best gym water bottle list, being only 500 ml (there is a 750 ml version, too). This bottle comes in 15 (!) colours so you can colour-coordinate it with your gym tights and vest.

As the sticker advertises on the side of the bottle, the Ion8 is leak proof, until you lose the little rubber stopper that goes over the mouthpiece in the lid. it is not easy but definitely not impossible to lose it and once it's gone, so is leak proof-ness.

But if you are careful enough, the Ion8 repays you with a great lid-locking system which can be opened with one finger yet secures the lid on tightly.

The Ion8 is also suitable for hot drinks but it won't replace your hot water flask.

Best gym water bottle: Sundried water bottle

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5. Sundried water bottle

Taste and feels like glass (don't eat it, though)

Volume: 750 ml
BPA-free: : Yes
Reasons to buy
+Feels like glass in the hand+Leak proof+Ethical
Reasons to avoid
-Plastic smells strong at first

The Sundried water bottle is a bit on a swag side and probably you won't look overly manly drinking from it, not like it matters in a commercial gym where no one really looks at each other in the first place.

On the upside, it can hold enough water for a 45-minute session and thanks to the larger base, it's also harder to knock over. The silicone mouthpiece and the screw-on lid makes it leak proof too.

Talking about the silicone stopper: it has a fairly strong smell to it straight out of the box which can be distracting to some people. Just soak it in hot (but not boiling) water for a good 10 minutes and it should doctor the issue.

Being toxin-free and ethical, one could say that the Sundried gym water bottle is also millennial-safe.

Best gym water bottle: Takeya Actives insulated water bottle

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6. Takeya Actives insulated water bottle

For the lovers of ice-cold water

Volume: 950 ml
BPA-free: : Yes
Reasons to buy
+Insulated+9 colours to choose from
Reasons to avoid

As much as you won't need piping-hot drinks in the gym, it might come handy to enjoy some ice-cold water during workouts when the temperatures are soaring high, as they did in July. The Takeya Actives can keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours, which is plenty, even if your gym is an hour drive away.

Even more so, the lid is insulted and leak proof too. The Takeya Actives is pretty well-rated on Amazon, which proves its quality. Many insulated containers tend to receive lower ratings due to their build quality (sweating, insulation issues, etc), but not the Takeya.

For added piece of mind, this water bottle comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The plastic carry ring on the top is just the icing on the cake, really.

All this comes at a price, though. The Takeya Actives is the most expensive gym water bottle on the list, the 950 ml version selling for around £25. On the upside, this water bottle can actually replace your hot water flask. Two-for-one.

Best gym water bottle: Sistema Hydrate Tritan Swift

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7. Sistema Hydrate Tritan Swift

Volume: 600 ml
BPA-free: : Yes
Reasons to buy
+Finger loop+Freezer safe
Reasons to avoid
-Not fully leak proof

Although it is advertised as leak proof, the Sistema Hydrate Tritan Swift is probably not the best sealed gym water bottle out there. It is a good size, though, as well as being dishwasher, microwave (without lid), fridge and freezer safe.

This impact resistant gym water bottle is made out of clear non-toxic Tritan plastic and comes with a handy little finger loop. it is also odour free.

A good quality Sistema product, what can we say, does what it says in the box. Nothing less, nothing more.