Jack Wolfskin launches new ultralight, ultra-sustainable tent range

The brand's new shelters are made from 100% recycled, PFC-free fabric

Jack Wolfskin launches SS24 tent made from recyclable materials
(Image credit: Jack Wolfskin)

Jack Wolfskin was among the first brands to eliminate forever chemicals in its waterproof jackets. With its Spring/Summer 2024 tent range, the company applies the same principles to its lightweight shelters.

The collection features 22 models made from recycled materials, with the outer tent, inner tent, and groundsheet all crafted from 100% recycled, PFC-free fabric.

Focusing on lightweight designs for trekking, bikepacking, and hiking, Jack Wolfskin uses high-quality, tear-resistant nylon fabrics and eco-friendly DAC aluminium poles to achieve minimal weight without compromising wind stability.

The tents are easy to set up and include organisational options, reflective elements, and vestibules for gear storage.

The range introduces three new tunnel tents and two new dome tents, combining lightness with stability, thanks to their aluminium poles.

The Stratos Lite III (RRP £700) is the top-of-the-range model. This super lightweight 3-person backpacking tent (2,320 g) features two entrances and rainproof vestibules for luggage. Made from recycled, PFC-free materials, the tent includes tear-resistant, waterproof 20D nylon fabric and a floor with a 6,000 mm water column.

The North Tunnel III (RRP £550) is a spacious, wind-stable, and lightweight tent designed for three people, perfect for multi-day tours or camping trips in spring, summer, or autumn.

This tent offers excellent waterproofing with a 4,000 mm water column for the outer tent and 10,000 mm for the floor. An extremely spacious vestibule (180 cm depth) provides ample luggage storage, with access from two sides.

For campervan enthusiasts, a new model features an awning to expand the weather-protected area. The Car Porch Tent (RRP £200) provides weather protection for car camping, attaching to the open flap of cars and minivans with straps to the wheels or roof railing. 

The tent, which weighs 3,000 g and is constructed with stable and lightweight aluminium poles, includes two interior storage pockets. It is made from recycled, PFC-free 75D RE polyester.

Had over to Jack Wolfskin to see all 22 new shelters.

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