The 7 hottest new running gear for summer 2024, according to T3’s experts

From shoes and vests to sensors and caps, here are the running products to watch this summer

Acid Running SS24 t-shirts
(Image credit: Acid Running)

We love running here at T3. Some of us run because we have to in order to test and review gear (Matt and Bryony), while others do it purely for recreational purposes. Either way, we clocked lots of miles among ourselves and tested a ton of exciting equipment, some of which we’ll share below.

Our selection isn’t just about the gear we've tested; it’s about the gear that stood out, and we believe it will revolutionise your summer runs. This list features innovative tech that elevates workout tracking to a new standard and apparel designed to keep you cool, even in the most intense runs. Each item has its unique selling point, making it a worthy addition to your running arsenal.

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Acid Running SS24 Running Tees

Running is becoming the new streetwear, and no brands are monetising on this better than Acid Running. The company's SS24 collection includes the Runners Fate T-Shirt and the Transcendence T-Shirt (pictured above), the former encapsulating what the runner's life is all about: "A runner's fate is to suffer. No clear beginning. No end in sight." Both T-shirts and other garments are available now at Acid Running.

Person interacting with the Nix Biosensor on their arm

(Image credit: Nix)

Nix Biosensor

Running wearables overcame many of the biggest hurdles in performance analytics in the past, but we had to wait until very recently to unlock the secrets of real-time hydration. Nix’s biosensor just just that, making it easier to stay on top of your liquid replenishment game during your runs.

The Nix patch detects electrochemical biomarkers in your sweat. Once you start perspiring, it can measure your sweat rate, electrolyte loss rate, and sweat composition, offering real-time advice via the Nix app.

The patch is single-use, which isn’t the most environmentally friendly approach, but they aren’t extremely expensive (you can get four for $25/£20). The sensor itself, which clips onto the patch, is sold for $129/£103. Head over to Nix to find out more.

Runner in Ciele Elite apparel

(Image credit: Ciele)

Ciele Elite Collection

Canadian running brand Ciele is a firm T3 favourite, and it recently added a few exciting models to its Elite Collection. The ultra-lightweight RCDSinglet is made from recycled COOLmatic | EXPª performance fabric and wicks away sweat before it has time to materialise.

The material also provides some sun protection, although your arms are out, so don’t forget to apply sunscreen before heading out. To keep your head cool, add the RDCap to your arsenal – a highly flexible and packable cap from the brand that knows how to make headwear.

Trail runners wearing The North Face Lightrange outfit as they run on the hills

(Image credit: The North Face)

TNF Summer Lightrange Sun Hoodie

We’ve recently covered The North Face’s Lightrange launch, and we haven’t stopped thinking about the Summer Lightrange Sun Hoodie since then. This magical running top has an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 40+ and is made from the fast-wicking FlashDry material. It even has integrated thumbholes at the cuffs! Roll on, summer; we’re ready.

Person running while wearing the Bose Ultra Open Earbuds

(Image credit: Bose)

Bose Ultra Open Earbuds

It’s only been a few weeks since we started using them, but the Bose Ultra Open Earbuds are quickly becoming our favourite running headphones. They are comfortable to wear, have brilliant sound, and, thanks to their open nature, allow you to listen to external sounds as well as your favourite music or podcasts.

They aren’t cheap, but especially if you like running in sunglasses, they are worth the money. They are some of the most comfortable and unique buds we’ve tried this year, that’s for sure. The earbuds come in two colours, too. Head over to Bose to check them out now.

Strava app screenshots featuring the new modes announced at Camp Strava 2024

(Image credit: Strava)


The most popular platform for athletes has just announced a ton of updates at Camp Strava 2024, which made us fall in love with Strava all over again. From night heatmaps to AI-powered leaderboards and Athlete Insights, Strava keeps adding features to help people plan their training, as well as using the app as a social media platform to hand out kudos to other users.

We were blown away by the long-requested Dark Mode and thoroughly enjoyed the other new features to which we were granted early access. Thanks to the new feature updates that will be rolled out gradually during the summer of 2024, Strava just became the must-have training app for runners.

Runner wearing the ENGO 2 Smart Glasses

(Image credit: Actilook)

ENGO 2 smart glasses

Similar to Nix’s setup, ActiveLook's ENGO 2 smart glasses provide instant, real-time access to performance data via the heads-up display built into the lens. Gone are the days when you had to keep looking at your wrist wearable!  

All data can be configured by the user; the options include real-time speed, distance travelled, time elapsed, elevation gained, heart rate, and so on. Best of all, the ENGO 2 is compatible with Strava, allowing you to log your workouts directly into the app.

Matt Kollat
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