Weber’s new Slate Griddle is a fresh take on the traditional barbecue

Weber adds to its 2024 barbecue line-up with the table-top Slate Griddle

Weber Slate Griddle
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Weber has just launched the Slate Griddle, its new table-top griddle barbecue. Designed for people with limited outdoor space, the Weber Slate Griddle is made from high quality porcelain enamel and features a new temperature display and sensor.

The Weber Slate Griddle is available in 43cm, 56cm and 76cm sizes with prices starting at £369.

With barbecue season on its way, Weber has just announced the launch of its new table-top barbecue, the Slate Griddle. Available in three different sizes, the Weber Slate Griddle caters to different outdoor spaces and offers impressive temperature control and non-stick cooking.

When it comes to buying the best barbecue, Weber is definitely one of the big name brands that pops up consistently. This year, Weber launched its 2024 barbecue collection, featuring smart, charcoal, gas and portable barbecue options. Its latest launch is the Gas Griddle range, a new approach to outdoor cooking.

The Weber Slate Griddle is ideal for those with small gardens and outdoor areas. Over the past few years, electric barbecues have been a solution to those who don’t have much outdoor space, but now, gas is making a comeback, and the Weber Slate Griddle is the perfect example of that.

Unlike traditional barbecues that have a grill plated surface, the Weber Slate Griddle has a smooth stick-resistant porcelain-enamelled large cooking area. Although you won’t get those trademark grill lines on your burgers, you can cook a variety of different foods outside, including barbecue staples with burgers and sausages, as well as fajitas, paninis, stir fries and even pancakes.

The Weber Slate Griddle comes in three different sizes: 43cm, 56cm and 76cm. The small and medium sizes have a similar style to the Weber Lumin with its adjustable feet and table-top design. The bigger 76cm model comes with a stand and wheels, so it can fit slightly larger spaces, so the Weber Slate Griddle can cater to every outdoor cook.

The 43cm and 56cm versions of the Slate Griddle have two gas burners, compared to the 76cm that has three burners. Both the 56cm and 76cm models have a dual-zone heat surface, something that the best air fryers are known for, so you can cook using two different temperatures at a time.

Speaking of temperature, the Weber Slate Griddle has a digital temperature display and edge-to-edge consistent heat to achieve the perfect precision for searing and cooking. It reaches temperatures of over 260°C in as little as 10 minutes, and its stick-resistant surface allows for easy flipping and turning. For more control, the 76cm Weber Slate Griddle has a sensor located under the hob to provide real-time temperature which can be monitored on the digital display.

A fresh take on the traditional barbecue, the Weber Slate Griddle is a new product that will encourage more people to start cooking and eating outdoors. Available to buy at Weber, the Weber Slate Griddle is £369 for 43cm, £559 for 56cm and £929 for 76cm.

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