This beer keg machine is a summer must-have, and it's 40% off on Amazon right now

The Philips PerfectDraft Beer Keg Machine is the perfect addition to any barbecue

Philips PerfectDraft Beer Keg Machine
(Image credit: PerfectDraft / Amazon)

It's Outdoor Living Month here at T3, and we've been covering cooking and entertaining over the past week or so. Whilst we've shared a bunch of new and exciting product releases, we've also been staying on top of current deals and discounts. 

We've already covered some huge reductions on Weber barbecues and Ninja's summer appliance sale, but now we're tuning towards something a little different. If you're planning on hosting friends and family over the summer, you need to see this latest deal.

Amazon has reduced the Philips PerfectDraft Beer Keg Machine by a huge 40%, taking it down from £374.99 to £224.99. That's a saving of £150!

Take a look:

Philips PerfectDraft Beer Keg Machine: was £374.99, now £224.99 at Amazon (save £150)

Philips PerfectDraft Beer Keg Machine: was £374.99, now £224.99 at Amazon (save £150)
The Philips PerfectDraft is a beer dispensing system specially designed so you can enjoy a glass of self-poured beer in the comfort of your home. It's rarely on offer, so grab yours for 40% off right now.

The Philips PerfectDraft Beer Keg Machine is designed to pour a beautifully cold draught beer from tap, perfect for enjoying with friends or family. It chills to 3°C and keeps the beer fresh and carbonated for 30 days, which is longer than any beer machine on the market.

It’s incredibly easy to use and doesn't require any gas cylinders. The LED display shows the temperature and the amount of beer left in the keg, meaning you'll be aware when it needs replacing. 

PerfectDraft has a selection of kegs on its website, some of which are currently 25% off. There are also a few available to purchase on Amazon, but we'd recommend PerfectDraft if you're looking for more variety. 

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