Gozney vs Ooni: which pizza oven brand is the best choice for you?

I put pizza oven gods Gozney and Ooni head-to-head to see which comes out on top

Gozney vs Ooni
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When it comes to buying the best pizza oven, two names consistently stand out above the rest: Gozney and Ooni.

If you’re a pizza lover or want to try outdoor cooking that isn’t a barbecue, a pizza oven is the perfect choice. Not only can you use them to make authentic pizzas, flatbreads and naan breads, but treat yourself to a cast iron pan and the possibilities are endless. But which manufacturer is the best choice?

Gozney and Ooni offer a variety of gas, wood pellet and electric pizza ovens, in a range of colours and sizes to suit all outdoor spaces. Having tried models from both Gozney and Ooni, I’m putting the two head to head to help you decide which manufacturer and which pizza oven you should buy.

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Gozney vs Ooni: what pizza ovens do they offer?

Gozney and Ooni provide a mixture of gas, wood pellet and electric-powered pizza ovens. I’ll break down each model from both brands, but it’s important to note straightaway that Gozney doesn’t have an electric pizza oven option, whereas Ooni does.


Founded in 2010, Gozney currently has three pizza oven collections: Dome, Roccbox and Arc. The Dome range is arguably its most popular and recognisable with its large dome-like spherical construction.

The Dome series includes the original Gozney Dome and the Gozney Dome S1. The former Dome uses a combination of gas and wood pellets, whereas the latter is a streamlined version of the original and only uses gas, although it does have a wider mouth and cooking space. For more details, see our Gozney Dome review and the Gozney Dome S1 review.

Gozney Dome review

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Next up is the Gozney Roccbox. The Gozney Roccbox is a portable, table-top pizza oven that uses both gas and wood pellets. It’s primarily gas-powered but it comes with an interchangeable wood burner. The Gozney Roccbox also comes in a Tom Gozney Signature Edition for the founder and in a collaboration version with chef, Brad Leone. See our Gozney Roccbox review for more.

The newest collection from Gozney is the Gozney Arc, which features the Arc and the Arc XL. It has a similar design to the Dome although it doesn’t have a chimney. It just uses gas and has a 14-inch cooking space or 16-inch if you choose the XL version. Find out more in our Gozney Arc review.


Moving on to Ooni, the manufacturer was founded in 2012, and has four pizza oven collections: Koda, Karu, Fyra and Volt. All the pizza ovens have a relatively similar style that’s portable, compact and with a table-top size, although some will come with chimneys and some won’t – I’ll explain below.

Starting with the Ooni Koda. The gas-powered pizza oven comes in three different versions, all without a chimney: 12 for 12-inch pizzas, 16 for 16-inch pizzas and its newest edition, the Koda 2 Max. Launched in 2014, the Koda 2 Max is the biggest pizza oven from Ooni to date and can fit two pizzas at a time with its massive 24-inch cooking space.

Ooni Volt 12

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Next is the Ooni Karu, a multi-fuel pizza oven available in 12, 12G and 16 sizes. The Karu comes with a chimney and can cook with gas, charcoal or wood pellets, a marked difference from Gozney. The Ooni Fyra is a wood pellet-only pizza oven that features a chimney and only comes in a 12 option.

Finally, the Ooni Volt is the only electric pizza oven that Ooni offers, and it comes in the 12 option. Compared to the others, it looks very different as it doesn’t have long legs but instead sits much lower down on a surface. It also has a matte black colour and no chimney. See our Ooni Volt 12 review for more details.

Winner: Ooni

In this race, I’m going to give the win to Ooni. While both pizza oven manufacturers have a versatile range of models, Ooni just edges out in front, as it provides both a charcoal and electric fuel option, whereas Gozney sticks to gas and wood pellets.

Gozney vs Ooni: design and portability

Starting with Gozney, the brand has a signature style and design, and its Dome, Roccbox and Arc look markedly different from one another. The Dome has a matte spherical shape which can sit on a table top or a stand. It’s quite large with the original Dome measuring 660mm H x 630mm D x 732mm W and weighing 58 kg. The controls are located under the large mouth of the oven, and has a wood storage spot for the original Dome. It’s available in three colours, cream, black and olive.

In comparison, the Arc has a similar style but without the chimney at the top. It’s smaller than the Dome at 342mm H x 564mm D x 480mm W and weighs 21.5 kg (Arc). As a newer release, the Arc is only available in a cream colour, and it has its controls located underneath the mouth.

Gozney Roccbox review

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Where the design differs is with the Roccbox which has an Ooni-like design. Available in four colours, the Roccbox has retractable legs and detachable burner system to make it easy to move around. It has a rounded design with a straight edge at the bottom for the stone. This option is the most portable from Gozney. While the Dome and Arc can be moved around, particularly if you buy it with the accompanying stand with wheels, they’re slightly heavier and are more permanent fixtures.

All Ooni pizza ovens have a similar design and style. Available in a mixture of matte black or stainless steel, Ooni’s pizza ovens look a little like the Roccbox with their legs and semi-circle body. The Karu and Fyra are the only ones that have chimneys, and the Volt doesn’t have long legs. Compared to Gozney, Ooni’s models are a little more portable and compact.

Winner: Draw

Personally, I prefer the look and design of Gozney, but you’ll really have to commit to this brand as their pizza ovens are pretty big and will have to stay out in your garden permanently. But if you’re all about portability, Ooni has more portable options, although the designs all look quite similar to one another.

Gozney vs Ooni: accessories and controls

To use both Gozney and Ooni pizza ovens, you have to get the right fuel that the model requires. Whether that involves feeding wood pellets through the burner or attaching to the gas, that’s the first step to using a pizza oven.

From there, you need to turn on the pizza oven and let it heat up. Both Gozney and Ooni have built-in thermometers or additional temperature probes and sensors to monitor the heat. Once your pizza oven has reached the desired temperature, you can add your pizza onto the stone (see 10 mistakes everyone makes with pizza ovens for more tips).

Ooni Fyra 12 vs Sage the Smart Oven Pizzaiolo

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In terms of accessories, there are a few you’ll want to consider. The Gozney Roccbox comes with a pizza peel with its purchase, but most models from Gozney and Ooni just come with the pizza oven and fuel is sold separately.

Gozney has the following accessories on sale: pizza peels, including turning, placing serving options, dough trays, pizza rockers, covers, stands, pizza cutters, servers, thermometers, wood burners and ash trays. I have the Dome S1 with turning and placing peels, a server and a rocker and I’ve found them all to come in handy.

Ooni offers the following accessories: peels, fuels, gas burners, cutting and serving tools, cast irons and entire bundles featuring a combination of everything.

Winner: Gozney

I’m giving Gozney the win as I’ve found the Gozney controls easier to use and have used more of my Gozney accessories than my Ooni ones. Having said that, when I was looking for pizza oven-friendly cookware so I could cook other things in my pizza oven, I chose a cast iron skillet from Ooni, so they both have a great range of accessories.

Gozney vs Ooni: performance

To be completely honest, I’ve used a Gozney pizza oven more often than an Ooni, but I still think I have enough experience with both to talk about their performance.

Both pizza oven brands make delicious and authentic pizza in a very quick time and with perfect precision. I’ve used gas versions from both Gozney and Ooni, and have always found the food to have that smoky stone-baked taste and feel. I’ve also used them in both rain or shine, and have found them both to heat up quickly and cook insanely quickly, so I really can’t fault either of them for their performance.

Winner: Gozney

Gozney just about wins this race, mainly because I’ve used a Gozney pizza oven more than an Ooni. Having said that, the first time I used a pizza oven was an Ooni model, and it completely changed the way I make and eat pizza, so I have to give Ooni credit where it’s due.

Gozney Arc review

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Gozney vs Ooni: price

Both pizza ovens are competitively priced but I definitely wouldn’t call them ‘cheap’. Here’s the full pricing breakdown.


  • Dome: £1,799
  • Dome S1: £1,299
  • Arc: £599.99
  • Arc XL: £699.99
  • Roccbox: £399.99


  • Koda: 12 = £349, 16 = £499, 2 Max = £799
  • Karu: 12 = £299, 12G = £379, 16 = £699
  • Fyra: £299
  • Volt: £799

Winner: Ooni

Both Gozney and Ooni have a good range of prices, but if you’re looking for a pizza oven that’s high quality but not outrageously expensive, Ooni wins this race.

Ooni Koda Max 2

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Gozney vs Ooni: who wins?

So, which pizza oven manufacturer should you choose: Gozney or Ooni? I’m going to be very annoying and say it’s probably a tie, as both brands offer professional pizza ovens that are worthy of a place in your garden. But let’s break down why you might choose either.

I’d recommend choosing Gozney if you want a stylish-looking pizza oven and a permanent fixture in your garden. With gas and wood pellet controls, Gozney pizza ovens are easy-to-use, come with plenty of impressive accessories and create delicious-tasting food. It comes with a price but it’s an investment that will stand the test of time. Personally, I’m a Gozney girl so I’d give Gozney the win here!

But, I’d recommend Ooni if you want more fuel options to choose from, including electric and charcoal, and you want a portable pizza oven that won’t break the bank or take up too much space in your garden. The choice is yours!

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