66°North Snaefell Jacket review: a waterproof for everything

Made with Polartec Power Shield Pro, the newly improved 66 North Snaefell Jacket provides sustainable weather protection

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 the 66°North Snaefell jacket worn by T3 Active Writer in the woods
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Made with Polartec Power Shield Pro the latest iteration of the award-winning Snaefell Jacket from 66°North is more waterproof, more breathable, more windproof, and more sustainable. With buttery soft material this waterproof feels like no other. Whether you’re hiking in a downpour, cycling, or doing everyday activities, the Snaefells got you.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Buttery, soft material (inside and out)

  • +

    Plenty of storage (incl. internal zip pocket)

  • +

    Fully windproof and waterproof

  • +

    Made from sustainable materials

  • +

    Fantastic breathability

Reasons to avoid
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Before we jump into the 66°North Snaefell Jacket review I’d just like to point out that nothing sinister took place in this jacket (I realised the picture of myself carrying three axes could give off the wrong impression, but it was simply a day of axe throwing).

The original Snaefell won numerous awards, including the prestigious ISPO Outdoor Award and the Scandinavian Outdoor Award. But this is the newly improved Snaefell that’s been crafted with Polartec Power Shield Pro, plant-based waterproof fabric technology. In layman's terms, that basically means it’s more waterproof, breathable, and sustainable than its predecessor.

I was kindly invited to Wareham in Dorset to test out the coat during an overnight camping trip, where I experienced wind, shine, and rain, so the perfect weather for testing this jacket. I also wore it during a very wet trip to the Four Waterfalls Walk in the Brecon Beacons.

Is it one of the best waterproof jackets on the market though? Let’s find out…

66°North Snaefell Jacket review: Price and availability

The newly improved Snaefell jacket was released earlier this month (May 2024) and is available to buy now in women’s and men’s versions from 66°North UK and 66 Degrees North US, for a recommended retail price of £435/$550. It’s also available in four different colours – black, red, blue and grey – for both men and women. 

66°North Snaefell Jacket review: specs

66°North Snaefell jacket review: close up of the zip compartments on the Snaefell

(Image credit: Future)
  • Type: shell
  • Waterproofing technology: Polartec Power Shield Pro
  • Waterproofing (HH): up to 20.000 mm
  • Breathability: 
  • Pockets: 3 external, 1 internal, all zipped
  • Pit zips: No
  • Fit: Regular
  • Weight: 550 grams (tested, women’s small)

66°North Snaefell Jacket review: Design and build quality

66°North snaefell jacket review: close up of the front of the snaefell

(Image credit: Future)

66°North describes the Snaefell as “it’s most versatile shell jacket” that’s “designed for outdoor life in a wide range of weather conditions”. This ranges from hiking to skiing, cycling, running, kayaking, and even everyday use. 

The upgraded Snaefell is identical to its predecessor in terms of appearance. It has a regular fit, plenty of pockets (one on the arm, two hand pockets, and an internal one), a large shell hood with cords to tighten and a built-in visor; velcro sleeve tabs and two hidden elastic cords underneath to stop wind and snow from entering. The difference, however, lies in its tech.

The new Snaefell is made from Polartec Power Shield Pro, which is a material crafted from biolon (plant-based nylon) and non-PFAS materials. According to Polartec it has a 50% lower carbon footprint than regular nylon. They also say it’s more waterproof, windproof, and breathable than its predecessor, which was made from its Neoshell fabric, “the world’s most breathable waterproof fabric”. 

Speaking of fabric, the Snaefell is buttery soft, inside and out, and it’s by far my favourite feature. In fact, it’s so soft that at first you’ll be skeptical as to whether it’s even waterproof. It’s hard to describe but, basically, it’s not like your typical ‘crunchy cold’ waterproof jacket, and it even feels lovely to wear against bare skin. 

Coming in at 550 grams, the Snaefell is lightweight, but it's not as light as some waterproof jackets out there. Thru-hikers would probably want to opt for something lighter. However, it can easily be scrunched up into a small ball for stuffing into your hiking backpack

66°North Snaefell Jacket review: Performance

66 North Snaefell jacket review: T3's active writer wearing the Snaefell with its hood up

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As mentioned above, I got to try the Snaefell out during a camping trip to Dorset, during which I experienced the typical British weather, so I had the perfect conditions to test the Snaefell’s capabilities. For reference, I wore a size small and, it fit me perfectly. Although, I wouldn’t be able to fit too many layers underneath it, two thin ones, but definitely nothing bulky.

Things kicked off to a good start for our activity of axe throwing, it was dry and sunny, but there was a strong, cold breeze. Despite having just a base layer on top, the Snaefell did an excellent job at sheltering me from the wind. The adjustable velcro tabs on the sleeve and elastic cords underneith help you feel really ‘locked in’ to the jacket to stop any wind whistling into it. The two zip hand pockets (which are slightly high up) are a great size that you can store lots in too, such as your phone, a map and a small torch. 

The fabric (as I mentioned above) is like no other waterproof that I’ve tried; it’s soft, flexible and comfortable to move around it. I successfully managed to get two axes in the target, so my movement clearly wasn’t restricted.

The Snaefell Jacket being worn by T3's active writer during axe throwing

(Image credit: Land & Wave/Spring PR)

The heavens decided to open up on our way back to camp, but thanks to the power of Polartec Power Sheild Pro, I made it back to my tent 100% dry. The hood is a decent size too and I’m always a fan when they have a built-in visor for extra protection around my face. 

I also took the Snaefell with me on a walk to the Four Falls in the Brecon Beacons to test its waterproof capabilities even further. The weather was a constant on-off shower for four hours, but the water just rolled off the membrane and, again, I was bone dry. 

One thing that did surprise me was that I didn’t have to remove my jacket once. Even when the walk became more challenging, and my forehead was sweating, my body didn’t overheat, which clearly speaks volumes to the Snaefell’s breathability and Power Sheild Pro technology. A final test was getting my mum to blast me with the hose pipe, which (thank god), was a success.

66°North Snaefell Jacket review: Verdict

Snaefell jacket review: T3 active writer wearing the Snaefell

(Image credit: Future)

It’s hard to find fault with the Snaefell, so I’m not going to try, it’s a brilliant waterproof/windproof coat that’s suitable for adventuring or everyday use, has excellent breathability and is the softest waterproof I’ve ever worn. 

I really appreciate the sustainable credentials of the Snaefell too. The fact it’s made from plant-based nylon and non-PFAS materials is not just a big improvement on the previous Snaefell, but shows a conscious effort on 66° Norths' part too. 

While I haven’t been able to test the Snaefell up a mountain, kayaking, or skiing (yet), I think for hiking, running, every day use and similar outdoor activities it’s perfect. The price is what is going to stump most people, but it’s not too dissimilar to other top waterproof jackets out there. I guess with good quality comes a price, and the Snaefell jacket is top notch.

66°North Snaefell Jacket review: Also consider

For those in need of a lighter waterproof, Arc’teryx Beta Lightweight Jacket is a good choice.  Coming in at 373 grams this waterproof won’t weigh you down, yet still offers great waterproof protection with a Gore-Tex ePE membrane, which is still pretty soft. It's best suited for light outdoor activities, but not the best for heavy downpours.

Alternatively, if it's something less expensive you're after, then Jack Wolfskin's Eagle Peak Waterproof is a good all-rounder. Naturally, it's not going to be able to match some of the pricier brands, but it performs well in most situations.

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