5 gadgets that will transform your camping trip, according to an outdoor expert

From a travel coffee maker, to a GPS device, an outdoor expert shares five gadgets that will elevate your outdoor adventure

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Looking to make your camping trip that little bit easier? This is where the best camping gadgets come in. 

Aside from the essentials (your tent, sleeping bag, camping mat etc), a couple of camping gadgets can not only make your outdoor adventure stress-free, but even add a touch of luxury too. But this then begs the question – what are the best camping gadgets?

Below, Wild Camp Specialist, Daniel Jones, has shared his five favourite camping gadgets that he’ll always pop in his hiking backpack, to add a little comfort to his trip. They could just be what you need to take your camping trip to new heights too…  

1. Inflatable pillow

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“A pillow isn't the first thing you think about when talking about camping gadgets, but it's an item that will no doubt transform your camping experience,” says Daniel. “Often, after a long day of hiking, rest is crucial, so having some home, creature comforts such as a pillow will make time in the tent that little bit more comfortable.” 

Not sure which to get? Daniel recommends the Sea To Summit Aeros Ultralight Pillow (retailer link). “I’ve had it for years, such a great camping pillow.”  

2. Travel coffee maker

Can’t function without your morning fix of caffeine? Then Dan says this little gadget will be a game-changer. “You can get small, mini coffee makers that are as small as a travel mug,” says Dan, “such as the Aeropress coffee maker (retailer link)”. “There’s no reason not to enjoy fresh, morning coffee when you’re camping.”

3. Power bank 

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re heading to a fully-fledged campsite, or if you're doing a spot of wild camping, Dan says a power bank is a gadget everyone needs when sleeping under the stars. “Using a camera to document your trip or simply listening to a small music player while in your sleeping bag at night can make a camping trip so much more enjoyable,” he says. “So make sure you take a power bank to ensure you keep your devices fully charged  during your trip.”

4. GPS Device

“GPS devices such as handhelds and watches are a great way to map your hiking route, send SOS alerts and track your daily mileage,” explains Daniel. “Having all the information you need of your surroundings on your wrist or a handheld makes navigating that much easier. I’d recommend the Garmin InReach Mini 2.”

5. Quick drying towel

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A towel is an essential for any camping trip, but instead of your regular, heavy bathroom effort, Daniel says a quick dry one is way more convenient. “They’re lightweight, quick drying and don't take up any room in your rucksack,” he says. “Plus, they’re ideal for wiping condensation off the walls of your tent, or using after a wild swim.” Remember, the faster they dry, the more you can use them for.

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