5 reasons you need an outdoor smart plug

We've all heard about indoor smart plugs, but what's so special about an outdoor smart plug?

Energy Outdoor smart outlet
(Image credit: Eve Energy)

Since Eve launched its first-ever outdoor smart plug in March, a lot of interest has generated around the benefits of having one. With so many smart home devices on the market, even the best smart plugs get overlooked, so what's so special about an outdoor smart plug?

Eve is already known for its impressive smart plug and smart outlet, but an outdoor smart plug is something not many brands have ventured into before. For this reason, I've put together the top reasons why they're such a useful piece of kit to have, especially during summer. 

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Energy Outdoor smart outlet

(Image credit: Eve Energy)

1. They're great for outdoor cooking appliances 

If you're hoping to host friends and family this summer for some al fresco dining, you might want to start thinking about your outdoor cooking appliances. Yes, the best barbecues will always be a reliable option, but did you know that electric appliances are now the way forward?

An outdoor smart plug will allow you to plug in your appliance without having to locate your longest extension cable. You can also turn the appliance on so it preheats without even having to stand up. Sounds ideal, right?

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2. Outdoor lighting at any time of year 

Instead of having to rely on solar powered lights in your garden, and outdoor smart plug will provide you with outdoor light at any time of year. If you're garden lights don't already have smart features, you don't have to worry. Not only will they conveniently be plugged in, but you'll be able to control them remotely and schedule them to turn on and off. 

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3. You can schedule

No matter what device you have plugged in to your outdoor smart plug, you'll be able to schedule it to switch on or off, or set routines. 

For example, you'd be able to schedule your outdoor smart plug to turn on your lights as it gets dark outside, or create an advanced routine that automatically starts one of the best security cameras when motion is detected. 

4. Easy access to hard-to-reach areas 

If you have a normal plug built in your garage or shed, it can be frustrating having to access it regularly. A smart plug takes this annoyance away, making a huge difference. 

Of course, you’ll need to plug your smart plug into that awkward area, but once you have, you won’t have to worry about going near it again. Once it’s plugged in, your smart plug can stay there and manage all the devices you need it to. 

5. It'll amp up your home security

To scare off potential intruders and break-ins, you'll be able to use your smart plug to make it look like you’re home. This is a fun feature that many people do with their smart lighting, and your smart plug can also get in on the action. 

If you’re not going to be home until late, you can schedule your outdoor lights to turn on to make it appear that someone is at the premises. Burglars are less likely to break in if someone’s home so this is a handy trick to dissuade any break-ins.

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