Garmin shows off its new high-end fitness tracker, the Forerunner 920XT

Built for runners, swimmers, cyclists, and Superman...

Designed with those in mind for whom a resting heart rate is a long-forgotten memory...

Behold Garmin's latest fitness wearable, the Forerunner 920XT.

Sporting a spiffingly svelte profile and a 15% weight loss compared to its predecessor, the 920XT seems to be striving for style as well as substance this time around.

Aside from good looks, the new Forerunner's also got plenty of fitness tracker features in the bank.

It has a built-in altimeter to measure hilly climbs - and drops - for cyclists, as well as steps per minute, vertical bounce, and ground contact time for runners.

It also does the usual fare like offering up heart-rate, distance travelled, and calories burned.

It's great on water as well as land too, wooing swimmers with a 5 ATM water rating - that's good for 50 meters depth.

For endurance athletes, there's an added 'UltraTrac' mode that turns off GPS at intervals to boost battery life from 24 hours right up to 40.

Dan Bartel, Garmin's VP of sales, reckons the new Forerunner 920XT is 'ideal for training, racing, and everything in between.'

"As a pioneer and leader in GPS multisport watches, we're excited to intdouce our most advanced, all-in-one solution for triathletes and multisport athletes," boasts Bartel.

The watch is shipping in black/blue and red/white, and retails at a recommended mark-up of £389.99.

The extra keen will be able to snap up a 920XT with a bundled 'premium' heart-rate monitor too, although that'll see the price rise to £419.99.