The Trapeze Reimagined is arguably the best-looking loudspeaker on the planet

And now it sports modern audiophile tech to match

Audiovector Trapeze Reimagined
(Image credit: Audiovector (altered with generative AI))
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Danish manufacturer Audiovector has announced a new, upgraded version of its 45-year old Trapeze loudspeaker.

The Trapeze Reimagined will arrive in the UK in June, priced at £15,500 and comes with refined audio components.

There must be something in the air in Denmark at the moment as Audiovector is the second Danish company to revisit and renew one of its classic products this week.

Bang & Olufsen recently announced that its iconic Beosound 9000 CD player is soon to be relaunched in a limited run, and now we're getting an upgrade of the stunning Trapeze loudspeakers first released in 1979.

The Audiovector Trapeze Reimagined keeps the classic, wedge-shaped look of the original but with refined and enhanced internals.

Designed to replicate the sound of a concert hall but in your home, the speaker features a 5-inch Neodymium driver for the mid-range and bass driver that sports a 12-inch membrane and 4-inch voice coil.

In addition, a layer of felt has been applied around the mid and treble drivers to absorb reflected energy. This and a patented distortion-shorting cap on the Neodymium magnet ensures output is precise and exact, with minimal distortion.

Audiovector Trapeze Reimagined in different finishes

(Image credit: Audiovector)

The Trapeze Reimagined also uses double mechanical decoupling, with a two-layer plinth that uses specially designed spikes, plus carbon steel ball bearings to ensure there is no distortion added through contact with the floor.

As well as look modern (despite adopting a 45-year old design), the shape of the speaker allows for the front to be angled towards the listener for a complete audio experience.

Brought to the UK by distributor Renaissance, the Audiovector Trapeze Reimagined will be available from June for £15,500. It'll be available in four standard finishes – Black Ash, Nordic Oak, Italian Walnut, and White Silk.

Custom, hand painted finishes are also available on request.

"The Trapeze Reimagined is a special speaker, it is a classic piece of Danish design featuring premium audio technology innovations to deliver every genre of music with both power and finesse," said the managing director of Renaissance, John Carroll.

"Most importantly, it is a loudspeaker that is easy to live with, it brings elegance to any room and is a whole lot of fun to listen to."

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