T3 Keeping Cool Month: your guide to coping in the heat this summer

Let’s cool things down with fans, cool boxes, swimming pools and air con

Keeping Cool Month 2023
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Welcome to Keeping Cool Month 2023 on T3. As it’s July, we’re fully into the swing of summer and let’s face it, it’s hot, hot, HOT! While we’re definitely not complaining about the beautiful weather we’re having, the heat can get a bit much sometimes.

The scorching temperatures are (hopefully) going to stick around for the next couple months, and while enjoying the sun is a top priority, it’s important to stay safe in the heat. And that’s where our month-long topic of Keeping Cool comes in.

During Keeping Cool Month – which will be running from the 1st - 31st July – we’re going to be giving T3 readers advice, tips and tricks, reviews and expert guidance about staying safe and comfortable in the heat. There’s a lot of ground to cover, including which fan you should be using, how to keep your technology cool, what cool box you should take on your camping trip, and much more. Keep reading to find out what’s in store.

T3 Keeping Cool Month Week 1: Indoor cooling

Starting off strong, the first week of Keeping Cool Month is all about indoor cooling. From smart cooling devices you need around the house to simple tricks to keep the cold air inside your room, we’ve got you covered. We’ll also be giving you our top recommendations and reviews for the best fans, the latest air purifiers, useful dehumidifiers and even the best mattress cooling pads.

Meacofan 1056 Air Circulator

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T3 Keeping Cool Month Week 2: Outdoor cooling

Staying cool outside is incredibly important to avoid any kind of heat or dehydration issues, so we’ve dedicated week two to outdoor cooling. Don’t worry, it won’t be filled with warnings about heat stroke but instead, we’ll be looking at the latest cooling units suited to outdoor use, how to manage the heat in a tent and ways to look after your pet in the summer. We’ll also be featuring innovative products like the best cool boxes and the best reusable water bottles.

T3 Keeping Cool Month Week 3: Advanced cooling

Week three of Keeping Cool Month is focused on advanced cooling. Think portable air conditioners, AC controllers and smart thermostats. If you’re into smart home news, there will be plenty of big names and clever products coming your way, so  this is definitely the week for you.

The best smart thermostat

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T3 Keeping Cool Month Week 4: Entertainment cooling

To finish off Keeping Cool Month in style, we’re focusing on entertainment cooling. Whether you’re hosting a picnic in the park or having guests over for a garden party, we’ll be giving you all our favourite tips and tricks for entertaining in the heat. There’s something for the whole family this week, including the best water guns for the kids, the best wine coolers for the adults and the best ice cream makers for, well, everyone!

To stay up-to-date with Keeping Cool Month, make sure to look out for the T3 Keeping Cool badge on upcoming articles and check out T3’s Cooling vertical. We’ll also be updating this page every day with our latest articles so make sure to keep it bookmarked.

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