5 products that stop your tech and gadgets from overheating

Keep your technology cool in the heat with these unusual gadgets

How to keep your technology cool
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It’s summertime and the weather is getting hot. While everyone panics about keeping cool during a heatwave with the best fans and the best portable air conditioners, your tech and gadgets can also suffer in the heat.

There are clear signs that your laptop, phone or tablet is overheating. The main sign is your device feeling hot to the touch, as well as the fan whirring and pumping out lots of air. Other signs include apps, programmes and accessories not working properly and even your devices turning themselves off unexpectedly.

When using your tech products in the heat, the best thing to do is keep your devices out of the sun and give them time to cool down. But, there are some handy tech devices that keep your gadgets cool and mean you can still use them without worrying about overheating.

Whether you’re using your phone outside in the sun or your laptop fan is going into overdrive, here are 5 gadgets that will keep your tech cool this summer.

1. OnePlus 18W Freezing Point Phone Cooler

OnePlus 18W Freezing Point Phone Cooler

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Phones are probably the most common tech device that suffers from overheating. We use our phones almost non-stop which affects their heat regulation and when they’re not in use, they’re being stored away in a tight, hot jean or jacket pocket which makes them even hotter. So, a gadget like the OnePlus 18W Freezing Point Phone Cooler is a great piece of technology to keep your phone cool. This cooler from OnePlus easily clips onto any of the best smartphones on the market and is equipped with tornado radiators, dual thermoelectric coolers and a 1800mm cooling plate. When in action, the OnePlus 18W Freezing Point Phone Cooler dissipates heat and helps your phone stay cool, even during gaming sessions. 

2. Kootek Cooler Pad Chill Mat 5

Kootek Cooler Pad Chill Mat 5

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Regardless of the type, size and brand of laptop you have, there’s always some kind of heat issue, mainly because of the surface it sits on. This is why many brands recommend using a laptop stand or laptop cooling pad like the Kootek Cooler Pad Chill Mat 5. This cooling pad/stand from Kootek is equipped with 5 built-in fans to keep your laptop from overheating. Available with blue or red LED lights, it has an ergonomic stand and 6 adjustable height settings to elevate your device to allow for better air circulation.

3. Beldray Mini USB Desk Fan

Beldray Mini USB Desk Fan

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Whether you’re working from home or in the office, a mini portable fan can keep you and your technology cool while you work. The Beldray Mini USB Desk Fan is the best example of this. This small desktop fan is super portable and has an 180-degree tilting head which can cover your workstation easily and refreshingly. With its USB cable, you can connect the Beldray Mini USB Desk Fan into the wall or your laptop to offer a cool calm breeze. You can position this fan towards you to cool yourself down but its petite size is best for blowing out cool air towards your laptop, tablet and other tech devices.

4. OMEN Mindframe Prime Gaming Headset

OMEN Mindframe Prime Gaming Headset

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If you love gaming but find sessions in the summer to be too hot and sticky, you need a cooling pair of headphones like the OMEN Mindframe Prime Gaming Headset. This headset from OMEN uses the world’s first active FrostCap cooling technology in the earcups. The ear cushioning conducts heat away from the skin which cools you down during hot gaming sessions and makes you feel more comfortable – there’s nothing worse than a hot ear, after all.

5. NexiGo Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan for PS5

NexiGo Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan for PS5

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Another gaming cooling device is the NexiGo Vertical Stand with Cooling Fan for PS5. Gaming consoles can overheat very quickly but this stand from NexiGo has a downward exhaust cooling system which is the same as what’s built into the PlayStation 5. This system pushes air and adjusts fan speeds so your console stays cool and the stand can also charge two controllers at a time, and store all your gaming equipment.

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