Simba’s new Cooling Body Pillow is a side sleepers’ dream

The Cooling Body Pillow from Simba has cool-touch tech and extra support

Simba Cooling Body Pillow launch
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Hybrid mattress manufacturer Simba has just launched a new pillow, specifically made for side sleepers. The Cooling Body Pillow is the brand’s latest innovation that’s been made with extra cushioning support, cool-touch technology and a gentle curved shape, designed to cancel out unique challenges that side sleepers face.

Simba is best known for its range of hybrid mattresses, with its Simba Hybrid Pro sitting in first place in our guide to the best mattress. In addition to its mattress offerings, Simba also has a wide range of sleep accessories, some of which also have a place in our best duvet and best pillow lists.

Simba’s new product, the Cooling Body Pillow has been created with side sleepers in mind. Side sleeping is the most common sleep position in the UK, but despite its popularity, side sleepers face challenges, like spine misalignment, tossing and turning, and uncomfortable pressure points. As body alignment and support can be a struggle for people sleeping on their sides, Simba decided to make the Cooling Body Pillow, as a ‘state of the art sleep companion” to side sleepers.

The Cooling Body Pillow is an elongated and versatile pillow which side sleepers can wrap their body around while also resting their heads at night. With support in mind, the Cooling Body Pillow reduces pressure on the shoulders and hips while also helping with alignment and comfort.

Measuring at 120 x 35cm, the Cooling Body Pillow is long and follows a gentle curve which you can mould your body to while you sleep. But it’s not just side sleepers that can benefit from this pillow. Pregnant women can also benefit from its added support, particularly around the stomach, and it can be used for back support when you’re sitting up in bed.

In addition to supporting side sleepers, the Cooling Body Pillow is also equipped with Stratos cool-touch technology in the cover. Simba’s Stratos heat control tech “acts like a thermostat in your pillow” which makes the fabric feel cool to the touch. It also senses and dissipates excess heat to keep you cool and dry throughout the night.

Cooling Body Pillow

(Image credit: Simba)

For even more breathability, the Cooling Body Pillow is made of down-like clusters of Simba’s Renew Bio fibres. This recycled material is cushioning, exceptionally comfortable and anti-allergenic. The fibres feel similar to down feathers (see down vs memory foam vs feather pillows for more details) and they’re gently combed into soft airy clusters which gives the pillow a ‘cloud-like’ feel.

The best way to use the Cooling Body Pillow is to hug it with your arms and arrange your legs around the bottom. One leg should be on top of the pillow with the knee slightly bent and the other should be underneath and straighter. Typically, this sleep position is one of the worst postures for sleep but with the new Simba pillow, it can alleviate the issues that come with it.

Priced at £109, the Cooling Body Pillow is available on the Simba website, and if you buy it with a mattress, you’ll get 35% off your purchase. For more money off your orders, check out these Simba mattress deals and use these Simba discount codes.

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