Struggling to sleep in the heat? Try these 8 cooling pyjamas

Say goodbye to night sweats with the best cooling pyjamas and nightwear

Best cooling pyjamas
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The summer months are filled with glorious sunshine, scorching temperatures, but one of the worst things about hot summer days… is the hot summer nights. Sleeping on the best mattress during a heatwave or just an unseasonably warm evening isn’t easy. The night is typically filled with a huge amount of sweating, tossing and turning, and finding it hard to breathe.

While many people will choose to strip down when it’s hot at night, experts don’t recommend sleeping in the nude. Sleeping naked can actually make you more hot and uncomfortable, as your sweat collects on your body and stays on the skin, rather than being wiped away by a moisture-wicking surface, like clothing.

So, wearing pyjamas and nightwear to bed can keep you cool, as long as you choose the right cooling fabrics to wear in the summer. To help you have a better night’s sleep while sleeping in the heat, here’s the 8 best cooling pyjamas, nightshirts and sets.

Best cooling pyjamas 2023

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