Keep your drinks cold with these 8 wine, beer and cocktail coolers

Enjoy cold drinks in the sun with these smart alcohol cooling products

Alcohol coolers
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The last week of Keeping Cool month is all about entertaining, and the summer isn’t complete without an ice cold beer in the sun. However, if you don’t have the best wine cooler, the best cool boxes or beverage fridges in your home, your summer drinks will be seriously lacking.

Whether you’re hosting a barbecue, garden party or picnic at the beach, you need to keep your drinks at the perfect cool temperature. With drinks like beer, wine, prosecco, cocktails and other alcoholic beverages, they taste better when they’re chilled, plus you can save a huge amount of space in your normal fridge by investing in an alcohol-only cooler.

To get the most out of your outdoor entertainment, here are 8 wine, beer and cocktail coolers that you need this summer.

1. Smeg Linea Wine Cooler

Smeg Linea Wine Cooler

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If you love wine and fizz, you need to invest in a dedicated wine fridge for your kitchen. Wine coolers are a great investment as they free up space in your main fridge for extra and keep your bottles at the optimal drinking temperature, so your wine always tastes its best. If you want a wine cooler that’s built into your kitchen, the Smeg Linea Wine Cooler can hold 21 bottles at a time at a time that can be seen through the anti-UV glass door. The cooler has adjustable temperature zones, independent cooling systems, and the stylish design is sure to impress your guests.

2. Russell Hobbs Drinks & Wine Cooler

Russell Hobbs Drinks & Wine Cooler

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If you’d prefer a wine fridge that doesn’t need to be built into your kitchen cabinets, the Russell Hobbs Drinks & Wine Cooler is a freestanding drinks cooler with a huge capacity. Sitting at the top of our list for the best wine cooler, this Russell Hobbs wine fridge has a 93-litre capacity which can hold up to 24 bottles of wine or 70 beer / cocktail cans. Its glass door and LED lights shows off its contents, and the adjustable thermostat keeps everything at the ideal temperature, plus it’s incredibly affordable, too.

3. Philips PerfectDraft Home Beer Draft System

Philips PerfectDraft Home Beer Draft System

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For the beer lovers, bring the pub home with the Philips PerfectDraft Home Beer Draft System. This beer dispensing pump system pours the perfect pint and is cleverly designed with a metal tap, temperature indicator, LED display and 6-litre keg storage. The most impressive part of the PerfectDraft is its freshness indicator. It can store beer and keep it fresh for up to 30 days but if you’re ever in doubt, the display will indicate its freshness and whether it needs to be changed. You can find PerfectDraft kegs from a range of popular brands, including Stella Artois, Corona and Brewdog.

4. Husky Budweiser Drinks Cooler

Husky Budweiser Drinks Cooler

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If you're a big fan of Budweiser, you’ll love this Husky Budweiser Drinks Cooler. Its officially licensed design is retro, colourful and makes a fun addition to any room. Measuring 51 x 43 x 46 cm, the Budweiser drinks fridge can hold 48 litres and 40 cans, and its compact size can fit almost anywhere in your house. This drinks cooler is definitely something to gift to a Budweiser fan, but you don’t just have to fill the fridge with Bud! Any sized beer, wine or cocktail can will fit inside and be displayed nicely through the glass door.

5. Igloo Party Bar Ice Chest Cooler

Igloo Party Bar Ice Chest Cooler

(Image credit: Igloo)

Whether you’re off on a camping holiday or having a huge gathering in your garden, an outdoor cooler is a must-have. Simple fill up the cooler with tons of ice and a wide selection of your favourite drinks, and you’re set for the rest of the day! The Igloo Party Bar Ice Chest Cooler is a perfect example, as it has a massive 118-litre capacity with an integrated bottle opener, bottle cap catch tub and removable dividers. Its treasure chest-esque design has a wheeled base so you can pull it around the garden or the campsite, and you can remove them so the chest won’t roll away!

6. Fieldbar Drinks Box Cooler

Fieldbar Drinks Box Cooler in Sea Boat Blue

(Image credit: Harrods)

If you want a compact cooler to pop on the BBQ table or take to the park, the Fieldbar Drinks Box Cooler is durable, attractive and has a superior thermal performance. The high quality hard case box looks the part and keeps drinks ice cold for up to 50 hours. It easily holds two wine bottles and two beer cans at a time, and it’s finished with a double stitched off-cut leather handle and shoulder strap, making it easy to carry with you on day trips and holiday activities.

7. YETI Rambler Wine Tumbler

YETI Rambler Wine Tumbler

(Image credit: YETI)

Adult camping trips call for wine, but rather than pour it into a plastic camping cup or risk breaking any glass, keep it classy with a wine tumbler. For white wine, prosecco or any drinks that are best at a chilled temperature, the YETI Rambler Wine Tumbler keeps its contents safe from warm hands. This 10oz wine tumbler is available in multiple colours and made from double-wall vacuum-insulated materials to keep your wine at the optimal temperature.

8. Host Freeze Cocktail Cooling Cups

Host Freeze Cocktail Cooling Cups

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Perfect for frozen drinks or cold cocktails, the Host Freeze Cocktail Cooling Cups come in sets of two and are made for martinis, margaritas, whiskey, beer and wine. To get them to the perfect temperature, freeze the Host cups for at least two hours for the cooling gel in the glass walls to activate. Once you get them out of the freezer and pour your cocktail in, the Host cups keep your drinks perfectly cold for hours (if you can make it last that long).

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