Levoit Classic 36-inch Tower Fan review: cooling, quiet and stylish

Levoit's first ever Tower Fan is a must-have for the summer. Here's our full review...

Levoit Classic 36-inch Tower Fan review
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T3 Verdict

For quick, easy and almost silent cooling, the Levoit Classic 36-inch Tower Fan is a must-have for the hotter months. It might not feel too premium and it collects dust inside, this tower fan can't be beat with its many cooling modes, speeds and affordable price tag.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Smart sensing technology with different cooling modes and speeds

  • +

    Almost silent!

  • +


Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Gathers a lot of dust inside

  • -

    Buttons aren't labeled

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Considering I grew up in a place where temperatures regularly exceed 35°C, you’d think I can handle the heat. Spoiler alert – I cannot. I am a huge wuss when it comes to dealing with warm weather (likely because again, I grew up in a place that has AC everywhere you go), so I jumped at the chance to try Levoit’s first-ever tower fan. And I’ll tell you, I have been toting this thing around my boiling hot cottage for several weeks now. In fact, I’m basking in its cool gusts as I write this review.

The Levoit Classic 36-inch Tower Fan came out in April 2023, so it’s relatively new. It may look like your average tower fan, but considering its packing smart-sensing technology, four different cooling modes, and five fan speeds, it’s anything but. With a 23-foot range and a low noise level of 28 decibels, this really is the ideal tower fan for my small, sweltering home in the spring and summer months. It has managed to cool down each room I’ve used it in in a matter of minutes, all with minimal noise.

Will it make it on our list for the best fans? Let's find out.

Levoit Classic 36-inch Tower Fan review: Unboxing & set-up

The Levoit Classic 36-inch Tower Fan arrived quickly and was super simple to set up. Just snap on the detachable base and you’re good to go. I did hit one snag – the fan I received came with a two-pronged plug instead of a UK standard, but that’s okay because one converter later and the fan was up and running perfectly.

It doesn’t come with any accessories besides the remote, which perfectly slots into the back of the fan if you’re not using it or, like me, dislike the extra clutter a remote creates on your bedside. That being said, the remote is pretty handy when things are so boiling you can’t be bothered to stand up and walk the few feet over to the fan to change the settings.

Levoit Classic 36-inch Tower Fan review

(Image credit: Emily Pursel / T3)

Levoit Classic 36-inch Tower Fan review: Design & performance

Besides the functionality of a product, I’m a stickler for design and making sure everything in my space blends. An ugly hulking fan is not on my list of wants. It’s certainly no Dyson, but the Levoit Classic Tower Fan has a sleek, neutral design that fits in pretty much anywhere.

The standout is definitely the touch buttons on the top which have a lovely minimalist layout. As great as it looks, it did take me a while of glancing back and forth between the fan and the instructions every time I went to change the settings since the only button labelled is the “advanced sleep” mode and the symbols can be a bit ambiguous at first. They also sometimes take a bit of a more forceful tap than you’d expect — I’ve found myself sitting through a couple more oscillations to make sure the fan actually stops on the correct position when setting it up, but that really is a minimal issue.

The advanced sleep mode is probably the setting I have used most. Although I know you aren’t supposed to sleep with a fan on at night, I just can’t help myself. I can’t even tell you what’s different about advanced sleep mode because, well, I sleep right through it. The glowing buttons turn off for a no-distractions night and you drift off to a cooling breeze that will begin oscillating an hour in so the whole room gets coverage. No more waking up in the morning with that distinct feeling you’ve sweated your way through the night. I’ve always rather liked a white noise to sleep through, but I think even if I didn’t the noise is unobtrusive enough it wouldn’t be a problem.

Levoit Classic 36-inch Tower Fan review: pricing

You can purchase the Levoit Classic 36-inch Tower Fan for $69.99 on the Levoit website, or upgrade to a slightly larger 42-inch version for $99.99. For UK pricing, you can find the Levoit Classic 36-inch Tower Fan on Amazon for £89.99

Levoit Classic 36-inch Tower Fan review: Verdict

This is a clever little fan, especially when you consider the price. It comes with way more features (and brains) than I would normally expect out of a £89.99 / $69.99 fan, plus, it looks great, too. All-in-all, this is a great fan that will be used in my home for a long time to come (especially this summer). 

Levoit Classic 36-inch Tower Fan review: Alternatives to consider

A great alternative to the Levoit Classic 36-inch Tower Fan is the Dreo Tower Fan DR-HTF001. This tower fan delivers effective cooling with a range of clever mode settings, plus it's super silent, too. It's slightly more expensive than the Levoit model but it's a top option if you want a similar tower fan.

For something more premium, the Dyson Pure Cool is the best alternative. Not only is it a fan but it's also an air purifier, plus it's got a really cool design. It will cost you though!

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