Levoit’s first ever tower fan launches in time for the upcoming heatwaves

Levoit launches first ever Classic 36-inch Tower Fan, perfect for hot summer days & nights

Levoit Classic 36-inch Tower Fan launch
(Image credit: Levoit)

Worried about the rumoured upcoming heatwaves? Levoit’s new Tower Fan could solve all your problems. Today, Levoit launched the new Classic 36-inch Tower Fan, its first ever tower fan that’s designed to sense and respond to the temperature in your home.

If you’re new to Levoit, the brand is well known for its range of air purifiers, humidifiers, thermostats and vacuum cleaners. Its new release of the Levoit Classic 36-inch Tower Fan could make its way on to our list for the best fans, due to its smart sensing technology and multiple high performance cooling modes.

Ideal for hot spring and summer days, the Levoit Classic 36-inch Tower Fan is equipped with ambient temperature sensing. Using a built-in sensor, the Classic 36-inch Tower Fan from Levoit tracks the room temperature in your home and responds accordingly by changing the fan speed. These automatic fan speeds make changes quickly and quietly so your home becomes more cool and comfortable without you having to do anything manually.

Alongside its intelligent temperature sensor, the Levoit Classic 36-inch Tower Fan has five fan speeds and four cooling modes to choose from. The Normal mode gives you manual control over the fan whereas the Auto mode will automatically adjust fan speed using the sensor. The Advanced Sleep mode has auto-adjusting speeds and oscillation with a 1 hour timer so it won’t disturb your night’s rest, and the Turbo mode delivers rapid cooling with 90-degree oscillation and automatic speed adjustments.

Levoit Classic 36-inch Tower Fan

(Image credit: Levoit)

Within its makeup, the Levoit Classic 36-inch Tower Fan has a powerful motor and 90-degree oscillation to fill the room with cooling winds and breezes. The multi-angle air inlets allow for a wide angle air supply and strong output, and the long narrow air ducts speed up the air flow.

The fan reaches more than 23 feet, has a wind speed of 25 feet per second and comes with a 1-12 hour timer. Most people’s concerns with fans centre around the noise, but the Levoit Classic 36-inch Tower Fan has a low noise level of 28 decibels and can silently deliver massive cooling air flow.

Sitting at 36-inches tall, the Levoit Classic 36-inch Tower Fan has a multi-functional design and its black and white colourway blends in nicely into any room or home aesthetic. There are buttons on the top of the Levoit Classic 36-inch Tower Fan for manual customisation and it also comes with a remote control, alongside its smart sensors.

The Levoit Classic 36-inch Tower Fan is currently only available to buy in the US on the Levoit website or Amazon for $69.99.

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