Feeling hot? This cooling bracelet is what you need during heatwaves and hot flashes

The Embr Wave 2 is a wellness wearable that helps with the heat

Embr Wave 2, keeping cool
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As it’s Keeping Cool month on T3, we’re searching for new and innovative ways to stay comfortable and manage the high temperatures the UK is currently experiencing. But while cooling down with the best fans is a great way to combat the heat, there are many other gadgets out there that deliver on-demand heat relief, like the Embr Wave 2.

Released in 2021, the Embr Wave 2 bracelet has quickly become a popular device for women experiencing menopause. As stated on the embrlabs website, clinical research has found that women wearing the Embr Wave 2 wristband will feel immediate relief from hot flashes and help them get more control over other menopause symptoms, like night sweats and chills.

The Embr Wave 2 looks similar to the best smartwatches and sits on the inside of the wrist. Once it’s in place, it can be used to offer on-demand hot flash relief anywhere and at any time, just by pressing the buttons on the side of the watch face. When pressed, the Embr Wave 2 starts exerting cooling waves that triggers a natural mind-body response to cool you down and help you feel better within seconds.

While the Embr Wave 2 is primarily designed for hot flashes and menopause relief, the Embr Wave 2 can also be used as a personal cooling device and help people deal with hot weather and heatwaves. By reading and reacting to the temperature of your inner wrist, the bracelet works to cool you down as well as heat you up when the external temperature is affecting you.

Thanks to its cooling properties and features, the Embr Wave 2 is recommended for improving sleep. Broken sleep and night sweats are common symptoms with menopause and other people can experience these interruptions during hot summer nights. The Embr Wave 2 works around this with special modes that manage nighttime disruptions and can help you sleep better.

Embr Wave 2

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To help users of the Embr Wave 2 understand their body and symptoms better, the bracelet also comes with an app. While you don’t need to use an app to customise and control the Embr Wave 2, the app offers insightful information and tracks your usage and patterns, which can help you better understand how you deal with heat or your menopause symptoms.

With its stylish and discreet design, the Embr Wave 2 looks like a watch but doesn’t use or display any screen or data (although this can be viewed on the accompanying app). It’s been viewed by many as a wellness wearable, devices that are seeing a significant rise in popularity, with products like the Melo breathing device and vibrating sleep aid, the Apollo Neuro gaining recognition.

But, whereas some media outlets question and doubt whether wellness wearables are actually effective or not, the Embr Wave 2 has had many positive results, helping cool people down whether they deal with menopause or not.

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