5 tips to keep your kids cool (and entertained!) this summer

That’s only if you can catch them!

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The summer holidays means one thing: lots of kids having fun and enjoying themselves in the sunshine. Whether you’re out and about or just spending time in the garden with your barbecue and water guns, it’s important to protect your little ones from high temperatures. Being outside and active when it’s hot and humid can have a detrimental effect on anyone, let alone children. High temperatures your body’s internal temperature to rise, leading to issues such as heat rash, heat exhaustion or even heat stroke. 

Saying that, we also know that it’s difficult keeping your kids cool, especially when they’re on the move. Don’t worry, we’re here to offer some tips so you can get ahead of the game. 

Oh before we start, have a look at how can keep your guests cool with these cooling products. 

1. Hydrate 

Whilst it may seem pretty obvious, staying hydrated really is the best way to keep cool when temperatures rise. When kids are distracted and running around with their friends, it’s easy for them to become dehydrated without even realising it. Make sure to keep any eye on this and watch that they’re drinking enough. Whilst water is the best option, we also realise that it can be hard to get your kids to drink it. Try a sports drink or even take a look at these alternatives that will still hydrate your children just as much. 

2. Homemade ice lollies

Homemade ice lollies are a wonderful way to keep your kids cool and hydrated at the same time! All you need to do is buy some freezer moulds and flavour them to whatever your kids would like: cola, lemonade, squash or fruit juices. You could even chop up some fruit and pop it in their as well. It’s a win-win! If you’re feeling really adventurous, check out the different things you can make in an ice-cream maker

3. Keep sunscreen in the fridge

You may not have thought of this one before, but keeping sunscreen in the fridge is a great cooling method. Think of it like this - whenever your kids need a sunscreen top off, they’ll also be getting a quick cool down at the same time. Make sure you read about the importance of wearing sunscreen daily for more information!

4. Fill up the paddling pool

Another classic! Having an accessible paddling pool in the garden is great in the hot weather. Your kids might not be in it all the time, but having a quick way to cool down if needed is important. If you’ve already got a hot tub, why don’t you read how you can turn your hot tub into a ‘cool tub’ for summer. 

5. Early morning and evening hours

Finally, making the most of early mornings and early evenings is much better than having your kids out in the midday sun. Wake up early and go for a walk whilst it’s still cool or go out with your family on a dinner picnic as the sun is going down - the UV rays will also be low so you won’t need to worry about sunscreen as much. 

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