4 hacks to stay hydrated if you hate the taste of water

Struggling to chug your recommended 8 glasses a day? Try these rehydration tips

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Everyone knows the importance of staying hydrated, but it's often easier said than done. And chugging down your eight glasses a day is especially difficult if you don't especially like the taste of water.

More bad news on that front, too – according to Radnor Hills Infusions' Chris Sanders, that recommendation (equal to around 2 litres) isn't even enough. "In reality, you should be drinking much more water than that! Adequate daily fluid intake is approximately 15 glasses (3.7 litres) of water a day for men and roughly 11 glasses (2.7 litres) of water a day for women," he explains. (Thankfully, "Water, fruits with a high water content and tea, all count.")

If you're wondering if there's a healthy way to dodge dehydration without having to drink too much water, hydration expert Chris has some hacks to try.

1. Opt for fruits and veg high in water content

Although it's clearly not going to replace drinking entirely, one way to help rehydrate your body is through picking fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of water. "High water snacks include watermelon, lettuce, celery, apples, peaches, pineapple, blueberries, and strawberries," says Chris. "In addition to their high fluid content, these foods are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can boost your overall health." With the fruits, do be wary of sugar content though. 

2. Get a water filter

Tap water in the UK is completely safe to drink, but if it's the taste of your local water that's putting you off then it might be worth investing in a water filter. These are designed to remove any impurities or contaminants, and many find filtered water tastes and smells better. Today's best water filter jugs are relatively inexpensive, so it's worth a try, surely? "Even the routine of filling up your water filter at certain points throughout the day may encourage you to drink more and stay hydrated," adds Chris. 

3. Create your own infusions

Creating your own infused water is simple, and can add extra health benefits. "Simply fill up a pitcher of water, add your favourite combination of fruits, herbs and spices, then chill overnight for a strong, infused taste," says Chris. "If you prefer subtle berry flavours, drop in a few raspberries and black cherries into your water. Alternatively, if you like a bit of kick in your drinks, simmer a cinnamon stick with roughly a cup of water before combining with cold water for a refreshing spice blast."

If you're out and about, there are water bottles that have integrated baskets for you to slot fruits into and create infusions on the go. 

4. Swap to carbonated water

If you're a fizzy drink addict, you might find carbonated water will give you a similar kick, without the sugar that can cause dehydration. Carbonate your own water at home with a Sodastream (you might want to hang on and see if there's a price drop amongst this year's best Black Friday deals), or if you need a bit more flavour in there, you can get canned and flavoured sparkling water that doesn't contain sugar. 

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