Is your PlayStation5 always overheating? You need this device

It’ll cool down your PS5 in a matter of minutes

SCRY Artic
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We’re nearing the end of Advanced Cooling week (part of T3’s Keeping Cool Month) and there’s been some great content over the past few days. Whether you’ve updated your knowledge on smart thermostats or the best and worst places to put your portable air conditioner, we hope you’ve found something that works for you. 

When it comes to advanced cooling, there are lots of varied options out there. A lot of products are there to cool yourself or your home down, but this one is a bit different. CRY Artic have recently unveiled the SCRY Artic, the world's most advanced cooler for PlayStation 5. Sounds cool, doesn’t it

Now, there is no doubt at all that the PlayStation 5 is a powerful gaming system. It did after all receive an impressive 5-star review when we gave it a go last year! However, it still generates significant heat during gameplay, particularly with high-graphic games and when ventilation is poor. Have a read below about the SCRY Artic and why you should consider getting one:

How did the SCRY Artic come about? 

The idea behind SCRY Artic originated in the summer of 2021, shortly after one of CRY Artic’s founders acquired a brand-new PlayStation 5. As an avid gamer, they were excited about the next-gen console gaming experience. However, they faced two recurring issues - the loud noise coming from the console and the downtime caused by overheating errors. Recognising that they weren't alone in encountering these problems, they took matters into their own hands and embarked on extensive research to find a solution. This is how the idea to develop a better, more efficient cooling solution for the PS5 was born.  

How does the SCRY Artic work?

Powered by six high-speed fans operating at up to 10,000 RPM, the device circulates a large volume of air strategically to extract and dissipate heat through the exhaust vents. This ensures consistent cooling and optimal temperature control for the PS5 internals. 

SCRY Artic operates quietly, measuring under 40dBA, for an uninterrupted gaming experience on the PS5 with stable, cool temperatures. The Lamella frame design and Hyperfluid fans work in perfect harmony to achieve the next level of cooling. It also offers the convenience of SuperSpeed USB, with a transfer rate of up to 10 Gbps. This feature allows quick and easy data transfer between the PS5 and other compatible external drives, resulting in faster transfer times for games.

SCRY Artic

(Image credit: CRY Artic)

What is the SCRY Artic’s set-up like? 

Installation of SCRY Artic is a breeze, as it can be easily fitted to both horizontal and vertical PS5 orientations. This flexibility ensures that the cooler seamlessly integrates with any gaming setup, adapting to individual preferences effortlessly.

The device’s placement on the PS5 console has been meticulously designed not to obstruct any ports or buttons. This allows gamers to fully utilise all ports on the PS5 console without needing to remove the cooler, eliminating any limitations and ensuring uninterrupted gaming sessions.

SCRY Artic

(Image credit: CRY Artic)

Where can you get the SCRY Arctic? 

The SCRY Artic is currently live on Kickstarter but will be available for purchase in August 2023. Don’t worry, that’s only next month!

The first 100 buyers will be able to snap it up for only $38, and the shipment will include the SCRY Artic itself, a free add-on (either an AirTight Dust Kit or Super Claw Grip!) as well as priority shipping! Sounds like a great deal to us. 

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