The best Segway-Ninebot ES1 electric scooter deals for October 2020

Save money on this folding scooter with a 15.5 mile range and 12mph top speed

best Ninebot Segway ES1 electric scooter deals
(Image credit: Segway-Ninebot)

If you’re looking for a compact and wallet-friendly electric scooter, then you’re in luck because the ES1 by Ninebot Segway is cheaper than ever.

This electric scooter is designed to fold with the single press of a button, taking up precious little space in your car, home, or while on public transport.

When fully charged, the ES1 has enough power to travel up to 15.5 miles (25km), and thanks to its 250-watt electric motor has a top speed of 12mph. That means you can travel two miles in eight minutes, which is around 20 minutes faster than walking.

There are three ride modes – Eco, Standard and Spot – to pick from, depending on whether you want speed or endurance.

To slow down, simply press your foot on the rear wheel brake. When you do this, the front wheel’s KERS (kinetic energy recovery system) fires into life, feeding energy back into the battery and further helping to slow you down, until you release the brake.

Both wheels feature solid rubber, puncture-proof tyres, measuring eight inches at the front and 7.5 at the rear. There’s also a front light to help with nighttime visibility.

An LED display sits at the top of the handlebar, showing your current speed, battery level and ride mode. An optional larger battery pack is available to increase range by 1.8 miles and top speed by up to three miles.

Being more compact than some other electric scooters, the Ninebot Segway ES1 measures 102 x 43 x 113cm when unfolded, and 108 x 43 x 32cm when folded. It weighs 11.5kg and is designed to carry riders weighing up to 100kg.

Check out the best Ninebot Segway ES1 electric scooter deals below:

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