Infinite Machine's electric P1 is your Blade Runner fantasy commuter scooter

A Tesla Cybertruck for Deliveroo riders, the P1 is an electric scooter with serious attitude

Infinite Machine P1
(Image credit: Infinite Machine)

There was a time in the early days of the recent EV revolution when automotive designers went mad with exterior styling. EVs looked futuristic, angular and exciting.

But then some marketing bods felt that customers didn’t want bonkers and actually wanted to own electric vehicles that blended in with their internal combustion counterparts. Boring.

Thanks in part to Tesla's madcap Cybertruck, EV design departments are once again sticking their necks out, and very few have extended their scruffs quite as far as Brooklyn-based lifestyle contingent Infinite Machine.

Its first product is the P1 you see before you: an electrified scooter that can hit a top speed of 55mph and silently breeze around for around 60-miles before it requires plugging in and charging.

"At Infinite Machine, we believe that the best way to move past cars is to make inspiring alternatives to them. That is the animating spirit of our company," explained Eddie and Joseph Cohen, the two brothers behind the brand.

Powering the futuristic city-slicker is a 6kW hub motor that sits inside the rear wheel, while two removable 72-Volt 30aH batteries are stashed underneath the sharp bodywork. A further two more can be added for increased range.

The user interface is beautifully simplistic, with a Turbo Boost button situated on the handlebars for swift overtaking manoeuvres, as well as a reverse gear that assists in parking the P1.

What’s more, it features wireless CarPlay for the first time in a vehicle of its class, as well as a bespoke app that allows the owner to quickly see charge status, remotely unlock the vehicle and immobilise it if it gets pinched.

It feels like Infinite Machine has thought of everything, with plenty of under-seat storage and a unique modular set up on the flanks that allow two additional batteries to be attached.

Infinite Machine P1

(Image credit: Infinite Machine)

Alternatively, there's space for hard-sided cargo boxes, soft fabric panniers and even a removable speaker that allows the owner to throw a cyberpunk block party wherever they may be.

Finally, Infinite Machine will also sell you an equally stylish trailer that can be effortlessly hitched to the bike for hauling larger loads around the city.

Initially, the P1 will only be available to customers in the US, but there are plans to bring it to other markets too.

If you want one, you’ll have to put down a $1,000 deposit to reserve a build slot, with the final asking price slated at $10,000.

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