These handcuffs are the hottest electric scooter accessories you can get

ABUS’ Chain Claw 10 handcuff lock will keep your e-scooter secured when parked on the street

E-scooter locked with the ABUS Chain Claw 10
(Image credit: ABUS)

Have you ever tried locking your electric scooter with a D-lock? If so, then you know it’s not only tedious but also futile to do so.

You need a different tool for the job, such as the new ABUS Chain Claw 10 handcuff lock, a special type of bike lock that allows you to attach two clamps individually, making it particularly well-suited for e-scooters.

The Chain Claw 10 features a 7-millimetre diameter, 10-centimetre long chain made from specially hardened steel, ensuring robust protection with the high quality you would expect from ABUS.

The clamps boast 360-degree rotation due to integrated joints, providing exceptional flexibility. Plus, the scratch protection ensures your bike or scooter frame remains unscathed.

Rated with ABUS security level 8 (out of 16), the Chain Claw 10 offers decent theft protection, making it ideal for securing high-value items like e-bikes, cargo bikes, e-scooters, and even pushchairs.

The Chain Claw 10 is available to buy now directly from ABUS for a recommended price of $129.99 (approx. £102/ AU$197). Check out T3’s best electric scooter guide for more info on these excellent commuting machines.

Matt Kollat
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