The Rolls-Royce of e-scooters will finally go into production

Is the Bo M the most lavish electric scooter around? The crowd says "Bo, selecta!"

Bo M Scooter
(Image credit: Bo)

Bo claims this is (do the film trailer voice) "the world’s most sophisticated scooter", and soon, you'll be able to test those claims, as it is putting the Bo M into production at last.

It'll come complete with luxury automotive-inspired design, innovative Safesteer stabilising technology and a whopping all-electric peak power output of 1200W.

Then brainchild of two engineers, formerly of Williams F1 Advanced Engineering, and a Jaguar Land Rover designer, the Bo M could enter the pantheon of best e-scooters, as it looks to push the art of gliding around the city atop two small wheels to new levels of refinement.

The full rundown of specifications has been released as the Bo M moves into production, with the first pre-order deliveries due to start from November, with further units available from February 2024.

Bo M Scooter

(Image credit: Bo)

First up is the unit’s sleek Monocurve chassis, which is made from high strength aluminium and is formed into a single, unbroken piece.

This results in a very lightweight but extremely strong structure upon which to hang a handful of scooter-based innovations. The design also allows for the steering to be separated from the chassis.

It's important, as Bo has implemented what it calls Safesteer technology to avoid the dreaded speed wobble when zipping between meetings.

The patent pending tech uses a pair of bespoke wound torsion springs, housed within a mechanism that is claimed to deliver predictable steering correction up to a 50-degree turn angle.

According to Bo, "This system works to recreate the natural centering dynamic of a larger wheel and smooth the ride."

In addition to this, the rider stands on an 'Airdeck', which has been engineered from elastomer and 11mm EVA anti-vibration foam, similar to that found on your high-stack raceday running shoes. This smooths out the ride and does away with the need for heavy and often complicated suspension systems.

Bo M Scooter

(Image credit: Bo)

Daytime running lights, similar to those found on swanky luxury cars, wrap around the sleek chassis to deliver 270-degree light visibility, while a dazzling 800 lumen headlight takes centre stage, housed in high grade aluminium.

The list of tech innovations and automotive crossover elements is exhaustive, with things like regenerative braking helping keep batteries topped up, and a rear light that flashes under braking doing its best impression of an F1 car in the wet.

But, perhaps our favourite bit is the clever Lock and Load system that is incorporated within the Monocurve Chassis. This can be used as a secure locking point for your suave scooter, or to carry your curry home safely. It will hold up to 10kg without any problems, so you can go mad on the naan breads.

Bo M Scooter

(Image credit: Bo)

In terms of performance, Bo says its high torque motor provides a peak power output of 1200W and a top speed of up to 35 km/h (21 mph), with a battery capacity of 655Wh delivering a range of 50km – or 31 miles.

The Bo M is slated to cost £2,249 and is launching initially in the UK, with plans to expand to the US shortly after.

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