5 ways to maximise your electric scooter's range

Ride smarter, go further!

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Whether it’s heading to work, the shops or whizzing to a lecture that you've overslept for, an e-scooter is an ace mode of transport ideal for short to mid-range commutes. Not only are the best electric scooters cheaper than your regular car, but they’re easier to store, better for the environment, and the running costs are considerably less too.

Obviously, electric scooters aren’t designed for super long journeys (leave that to the car), and the distance one can travel differs from manufacturer to model. However, The Electric Scooter Co has shared a few simple ways you can go the extra mile and maximise your distance with a single battery charge. Follow these super easy tips to ride smarter and go further.

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1. Keep your scooter clean

This may sound a little odd, but if your scooter is dirty, say there’s a build-up of mud around the wheels etc., then this can reduce how aerodynamic your e-scooter is. If dirt is causing friction, then there’ll be more resistance, meaning your e-scooter's going to have to work doubly harder.

2. Don’t drain the battery completely

You may have heard people say you should never drain your petrol tank – the same applies to an electric scooter. Wear and tear is inevitable, and over time, your battery will naturally drain anyway. But if you keep draining it completely, you’re just speeding up this process, and it won’t last as long as it should. 

3. Try and avoid hills (if you can)

We’re not saying you can never go up a steep surface on your e-scooter, but if you’re presented with two equal-in-length routes, and one is steep, and one is flat, go with the flat one. E-scooters perform best on smooth, flat surfaces, and hills will just eat into your range.

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4. Make sure your tyres are inflated

Again, if your tyres are flat, then there’s more friction between the ground and your scooter. It will drag, and your scooter is just going to have to use more energy to help you get that extra mile. Whereas fully inflated tyres will allow you smoothly skim the surface.

5. Make sure your brakes release properly

If your brakes aren't releasing properly (so they're still partially closed around the brake discs), there'll be friction between your e-scooter's wheel and the floor, which will reduce its range. Make sure you check over your brakes before you set off on your journey.

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