T3's Back to Class Month: returning to work, college or exercise in style

Update your tech in time for a new term, a new quarter or a new workout regime

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Back to Class month is not your average round-up for school and university students. Our guide covers the kind of gear you'd be proud to have on your desk whether you're a university fresher or a senior exec. Planning to get fit before the end of the year? We've got advice for your workout gear here too. 

Running until the end of August, T3's guide will cover everything from your commute to your home study set-up and, of course, the best tech to buy in your budget. We've got advice, tips and tricks, reviews and expert guidance to help you pick the right products and start September with a spring in your step. 

Each week will be dedicated to a different area, and each curated by a different T3 expert editor. So whether you're preparing for your next science class, yoga class or just looking class in the office, there's something here for you. 

You'll find links to all of the new content below, as well as some teasers of what to expect in the coming weeks. 

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Week 1: The commuter

Whether you're headed to the lecture hall, business park or studio, you need to arrive in style. While you could join the pack on public transport, arriving on your own set of wheels gives you more freedom. 

For week 1 of Back to Class Month, we're looking at the tech options at hand. For those commuting outside of the UK, there are some new electric scooter options – or for when they finally get approval here. We also look at one of the most popular commuting options, the electric bike as well as train-friendly folding bikes. 

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Week 2: laptops and tablets

Forget the pen and paper, whether you're writing notes, messages or full-blown essays you need a laptop or tablet. The type of machine you go for will depend on your needs. The best laptop for design or engineering students might need more power than someone just writing emails and browsing the web – though if you also plan to do some gaming on the side, you might want to go for a gaming laptop.

If you're trying to keep the weight of your bag down, a lightweight laptop can be ideal, and also look more stylish – making them tempting for the office too. 

Week 3: Take me with you

Week three of Back to Class Month is focused on how you carry your tech. We look at the best laptop bags and rucksacks for your commute to work or uni. Plus bigger bags for those longer trips. 

If you have to work, why not work in style? You'll find luxury accessories in this week too, from the best fountain pens to the best watches, so you know what time to clock off. 

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Week 4: Work up a sweat

For week four we look at a more active type of class. Whether you're into Crossfit, yoga or spinning, you'll want to make sure you have a good water bottle at the ready and arrive looking the part with a great-looking gym bag

Your footwear choice might depend on your sport but a pair of good workout shoes is a great place to start. If you're planning a 10k, there's a selection of running shoes just for you too. 

Week 5: A better desk top

For the final week, we've got a selection of products to kit out your home set-up or fulfil your audio requirements. Any home office or study space needs a good 4K monitor to hook your laptop up to, and for those Zoom calls you might need a decent webcam

Whether you're keeping the noise down at home or bringing the music with you on the move, a good pair of headphones are essential. If you're a PS5 or Xbox fan, you can double up with a pair that also work as a gaming headset. 

To stay up-to-date with Back to Class Month, make sure to look out for the T3 Back to Class badge on upcoming articles and check out T3’s Back to Class collection. We’ll also be updating this page every day with our latest articles so make sure to keep it bookmarked.

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