5 luxury desk accessories that will upgrade your work space

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Having an organised desk setup can do wonders for your motivation. Not only will it make your space feel neat and tidy, but it will clear your mind from any distracting thoughts, leaving you to complete your work uninterrupted. For that reason, wouldn’t it be worth investing a little more so you can get your space looking the way you want?

As a part of T3’s Back to Class month, we’ve rounded up 5 luxurious desk items that will make you want to sit at your desk for longer. From pen pots to wireless chargers, keep reading to find out what you should add to your setup. 

Before we begin, have a look at these 9 home essentials you need for school, university and college. 

1. Paperweight

If you’re worried about misplacing any loose papers, a paperweight will prove to be a useful addition to your desk setup. Not only will it prevent papers from flying across your room when you open the window, it will keep any important documents from going astray exactly where you need them. Even if you don’t have a lot of paperwork, a paperweight can simply serve as a stunning desktop ornament too. 

WATERFORD Stellar Gravity Paperweight

This WATERFORD Stellar Gravity Paperweight has an RRP of £1217 at Harrods

(Image credit: WATERFORD / Harrods)

2. Pen Pot 

Pen pots are an essential part of every well-organised desk. They help to keep all your pens, pencils, and other stationery items in one place. Having a pot is also a good way to organise your desk quickly, particularly when you need to ensure you have enough space to work. 

Aspinal of London’s Round Pen Pot

Aspinal of London’s Round Pen Pot retails at £85, available in Navy Pebble, Marmalade Pebble and Deep Shine Amazon Brown Croc 

(Image credit: Aspinal of London)

3. Fountain Pen

There’s nothing quite like using a fountain pen to get your writing done. If designed well, the nib of then pen should glide smoothly over paper, making writing a pleasure rather than a chore. If you’re not sure about what to look out for, check out our 2023 guide to the best fountain pen to find out more information. 

Montblanc Meisterstück Solitaire Blue Hour LeGrand Fountain Pen

(Image credit: Montblanc)

4. Wireless charger 

Whilst there are lots of different wireless chargers out there, a luxury one can make a huge difference. You no longer have to worry about having the right charger on you as all they need is one USB cable that can connect to the charging mat. If you have multiple different devices, you can use the same charging pad without any issue. Have our look at our 2023 guide to the best wireless chargers for options!

Volt'H Wireless Charging Change Tray

Hermes sells their Volt'H Wireless Charging Change Tray for £1470

(Image credit: Hermes)

5. Desk pad

If you want to protect your desk whilst also making sure it looks luxurious, invest in a leather desk pad. They prevent your desk from getting scratches up, especially if you use a mouse. 


This GRAF VON FABER-CASTELL Leather Desk Pad is available at Harrods for an RRP of £358

(Image credit: GRAF VON FABER-CASTELL / Harrods)

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