13 WFH essentials for a productive work day or study session

Upgrade your work from home set-up with these must-have gadgets

Working from home
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Working from home has become a regular occurrence for many people. Whether you work from home full time or you’re a hybrid worker, it’s important to make sure your home office is designed to maximise your productivity and lower distractions.

As part of Back To School Month, T3 has been giving readers our tips and tricks on how to go back to school, university and the office in ease and style. But what about those returning to their home office? I’ve got you covered with 13 essentials you need to upgrade your WFH set-up.

1. A standing desk

Best standing desks: Flyatta 2

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Having the best standing desk can make a huge difference to your concentration levels and how you feel after a long day at work. Let’s face it, no one loves to sit at a desk all day, and doing so can be uncomfortable and painful. Using a standing desk has many benefits, including keeping your back and spine aligned, improving your energy levels and making boring tasks more manageable and dare I say, enjoyable.

2. A comfortable office chair

Sihoo ergonomic office chair review

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Take it from me as someone who's been using a dining room chair for years, a comfortable office chair is a must. Sitting for 8+ hours a day isn’t good for the body but making sure you’re using the best office chair that’s comfortable, supportive and ergonomic can remedy these problems. Having a proper office chair also looks more professional and gets you into a working mindset.

3. A laptop stand

Laptop stand

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A laptop stand is great for keeping your laptop at eye level. Sitting at a desk can make you hunch over to get closer to your laptop but a laptop stand elevates it so you can see better and reduce the risk of back ache and tech neck. Another benefit of using a laptop stand is you don’t have to stay confined to your desk but can take your laptop with you and prop it up elsewhere if you need a change of scenery.

4. A monitor


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If you work better with multiple screens, a monitor is a worthwhile investment. By connecting your laptop to a monitor, you transform your desk into a full office set-up and give yourself a wider and clearer view on all your work, emails, chat with colleagues and tabs. A monitor also helps you multitask more seamlessly and your monitor is at a better level so you’re not straining your neck or ruining your posture.

5. A multi-port hub

multi-port hub

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Even if you have a relatively simple set-up , the amount of cables is a little ridiculous. But to streamline this process and make your cords more organised, a multi-port USB hub allows you to connect all your devices into a single port on your computer.

6. An ergonomic keyboard and mouse

Keyboard and mouse

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Whether you have a laptop, desktop or monitor, adding a keyboard and mouse to your home office gives you more versatility and control over your computing. Having an external keyboard or mouse rather than one built in like a laptop helps protect your device from spills, stains and breaks. With a keyboard and mouse, you can also work from anywhere, plus choosing something ergonomic is kinder to your arms, hands and other muscles.

7. A charging alarm clock

Charging alarm clock

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Using a physical alarm clock rather than quickly checking the time on your laptop or phone helps minimise distractions and organise your time better. While the best alarm clocks have almost fazed out because of watches and phones, having one that also acts as a charger helps you keep your devices topped up while also displaying the time and setting timers.

8. A desk lamp

Desk lamp

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I don’t encourage people to work late into the night but if you’re on a deadline or a night shift, a desk lamp is a must-have. Having targeted light focused on your desk makes it easier for reading, typing, note taking and other tasks, plus they’re kinder to your eyesight.

9. A stationery organiser

Desk and stationery organiser

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A well organised desk can help you feel less overwhelmed as you go to start your day, and gives you access to everything you need in a tidy way. Stationery always gets a little messy so if you find it hard to keep your pens, papers, staplers and more in order, you need an organiser. Choose one with multiple sections so you can separate everything you need, plus it makes your desk look more stylish. Having a good looking desk might not seem like a necessity but I think it makes you want to work and spend time in your home office more if you have something nice to look at.

10. A printer


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Having the best printer means you can print off documents, notes, photos, and more with ease. Rather than using an office one or your local library's, having your own printer is more cost-effective and gives you instant access to the things you need printed off. While ink can be pricey, you can often find deals on cartridges and depending on the printer brand you choose, you can get months worth of ink with your purchase.

11. A headset

Shure Aonic 50

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Whether you need to concentrate on documents or you’ve got a meeting, using a headset means you can block out external noise and hear your colleagues or clients clearer. Having a headset or pair of headphones also makes you look more professional and can minimise distractions, especially if you use noise cancelling headphones.

12. A coffee maker

Cuisinart DCC3400P

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Why go all the way downstairs to make coffee when you can brew a pot from your office?! Whether you’re a pod fan or a filter enthusiast, having a coffee maker in your home office is quicker, more convenient and will fill your office with nice smells. It’s also an instant way to get your caffeine fix and you don’t have to worry about spilling your drink while hurrying back upstairs to make it to your meeting on time.

13. A massage cushion

Massage cushion

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Why not treat yourself to a bit of luxury by investing in a massage cushion? Some of the best massagers can fit into or over chairs and provide your back, neck and shoulders instant relief from sitting down all day… just try not to fall asleep!

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