Logitech’s new pop up desk is a must-have for commuters, students & WFH set-ups

Work from home and on the go with ease and style with the Logitech Casa Pop Up Desk

A woman using the Logitech Casa Pop Up Desk while working from home
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For August 2023, T3 is running Back To Class month where each week focuses on how to prepare for heading back to school, university, the office and the gym. Regardless of whether you’re a student, commuter or a home office worker, this new release from Logitech caters to pretty much everyone, and it’s so clever that I’m surprised no one has thought of it before.

The new Logitech Casa Pop Up Desk is a compact foldaway desk that works as a laptop stand, touchpad, keyboard and storage unit, all in one handy and compact package. A first-of-its-kind product, this versatile and functional piece of kit means you can take your work or studying set-up with you anywhere, making it ideal for students, and office, hybrid and remote workers alike.

The concept behind the Logitech Casa Pop Up Desk is incredibly simple, yet this is the first time we’ve seen a major brand (or anyone for that matter!) make such a product. The Swiss computing manufacturer already makes some of the best laptops and best keyboards you can buy, and this new release clearly fills a much needed gap in the market that will appeal to a wide audience.

Taking a closer look at the Logitech Casa Pop Up Desk, it combines a laptop stand with a customisable wireless keyboard and touchpad. In the box, buyers get the Casa Keys Keyboard, the Case Touch Touchpad and the Casa Book, a case which can be used for storage and transformed into a laptop stand.

When put together and laid out on a standing desk, shelf or table, the Logitech Casa Pop Up Desk acts as a full study station or work space. When you’re done for the day, it folds away conveniently and compactly, almost like a bento box!

In terms of compatibility, the Logitech Casa Pop Up Desk can carry 10-inch to 17-inch laptops or tablets, including MacBooks, Chromebooks and Windows laptops. The wireless Casa Keys and Touch can connect to macOS 11, iPad OS 14, Windows 10 and 11 and more. The entire book-like case can also carry up to 7.5kg and is available in three colourways, to suit any style and aesthetic.

Logitech Casa Pop Up Desk in pink

(Image credit: John Lewis)

While there are arguably things that students will be looking for that won’t appeal to 9-5 office workers, the Logitech Casa Pop Up Desk happily and easily accommodates the two. Although Logitech is mainly advertising the Casa Pop Up Desk as a working from home foldaway kit, I would argue that it can easily work for many different people and their own unique work or studying needs. As a hybrid worker, the Logitech Casa Pop Up Desk is an ideal part of any working set-up, whether you’re in the office or at home.

The Logitech Casa Pop Up Desk is also something I would have loved to have while at university to take with me to lectures and seminars. The main reason I didn't take my laptop with me while I was a student was because of its weight and bulk but this new product makes carrying your devices easier, convenient and stylish.

One thing that might put people off the Logitech Casa Pop Up Desk is that you can arguably make your own version of it by buying the products separately. If you’re not a Logitech fan, this may appeal to you, but at £179.99, you really can’t go wrong with the Logitech Casa Pop Up Desk. It gives you everything you need to work efficiently and productively, and is probably far cheaper than if you were to put one together yourself.

The Logitech Casa Pop Up Desk is available to buy at Logitech and select retailers like John Lewis.

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