The best electric scooters 2019: Ideal for commuting (and having fun)

Have fun getting to work by switching up your commute with a powerful and lightweight e-scooter

The best electric scooters

It wouldn't be right for us to start this article suggesting that the electric scooter is the answer humanity needs to solve the transport crisis. It's not. Sadly.

Still, the enjoyment of riding an e-scooter that can rocket along at 25mph is something we can all appreciate. And if you have a commute that suits this kind of personal transport, there are fast electric scooters out there that can (legally) cut your journey time and get you through the traffic. 

That's why we've put together this list of the best electric scooters you can find right now. In short, these are the fastest, the most fun, the coolest, the most practical.  

Electric scooters are more than just scooters with batteries, though. As glib as that statement may be, it's also true: they're a lot faster than regular scooters, they're a heck of a lot heavier, and the best electric scooters are also far more controllable than their manual cousins. 

You're unlikely to be pulling off any sick tricks, but the benefit of a little torque in your wheels means you'll be expertly manoeuvring in no time.

All things considered, our pick for the best electric scooter is Xiaomi's M365, a portable, powerful beast with a fair battery involved. It won't be the perfect electric scooter for everyone, though; if you're commuting you'll need to look towards the street-legal (and stupid fast) EVO Powerboard. The kids will be better suited to lighter, slower models like the Razor E100. 

In other words, don't saddle yourself with a tiny Razor scooter if you're riding as a grown up, and don't buy your kid an Evo or a Xiaomi M365. They're too fast.

How to buy an electric scooter 

Picking up the best electric scooter for you is absolutely imperative – it's an investment, so you need something you're going to want to ride. These things are essentially a narrow plank racing up to 25mph, so safety needs to be a concern. But those aren't the only things you'll need to consider…

Some electric scooters are well suited to a quick hop – the kid-friendly Razor E100, for instance, sacrifices distance for a vast weight reduction – and others, like the Xiaomi M365, pile on the battery for maximum range. It's a balancing act. If you're commuting, put your money in batteries, but if you're more in it for fun, a lighter scooter might be a better choice.

Is the best electric scooter the fastest electric scooter? Not necessarily: top speed will get you where you're going fast, but you'll need a lot of nerve to take a super-speed scooter like the EVO Powerboard up to its maximum, particularly if you're weaving through traffic. 

If you're picking up an electric scooter for a kid, a 10mph restricted scooter like the Razor E100 might be a better idea. High powered electric scooters are not suitable for kids – indeed, we wouldn't suggest any electric scooter be used by anyone under 13.

Lightweight materials like aluminium are a positive, since they'll cut the weight of your scooter when you're dragging it from place to place. But if you're using your electric scooter for more than play, avoid plastic components. Consider also the wheels – heavy use requires heavier duty wheels.

Road safety rules for electric scooters 

Here's where things get a little fishy. Under UK law, most electric kick scooters are not legal for street use unless they're properly registered, and the government shows no hint that the law (based on 1835 regulations surrounding horse and cart driving) might change soon. 

Some scooters are technically classed as mopeds, though even that classification can be a little tricky. The only electric scooter on the list we've confirmed to be fully street legal is the seat-toting Evo Powerboard, and you'll need to register it, tax it, insure it, and complete CBT to legally ride it.

US law varies from state to state, so it absolutely pays to check local legislation before you purchase. Wherever you are, riding any electric scooter on private land is OK, but make sure that you're going to be able to use your new scooter for its intended purpose before you invest.

 The best electric scooters you can buy now

Best electric scooter: Xiaomi Mijia M365

1. Xiaomi Mijia M365

Speedy, affordable, light enough, and packing lots of staying power

Best for: Great all-rounder
Max Speed: 15mph
Battery life: 18miles
Weight: 12.5kg
Reasons to buy
+Torque-packed +Compact and carryable 
Reasons to avoid
-Low ground clearance -100kg max weight

Although Xiaomi might be better known for its affordable smartphones, the M365 proves the company is equally adept at creating smart electric scooters. While the top speed isn't the highest out there (though 15mph means it's no slouch) this folding electric scooter has some of the best app connectivity features we've seen. 

As well as tracking your journeys and just how fast you've barelled down those hills, you can get a quick look at how much of the massive scooter battery still remains. The M365 smart scooter app also brings advanced battery conservation features, meaning you could potentially eke out an extra mile or two if you're clever about how you use it, and the F1-like KERS setup means the battery charges as you brake.

Best electric scooter: e-Micro Micro Falcon X3

2. e-Micro Micro Falcon X3

Lightweight and easy to control, the Micro Falcon is a breeze to ride

Best for: Compact power
Max Speed: 15mph
Battery life: 6 miles
Weight: 7.9kg
Reasons to buy
+Charges in 1 hour +Hill assist

The Micro Falcon is smart, sleek, and its 500W motor means it's packing some torque. Some electric scooters have been known to be tricky to control, but this lightweight model is rated highly for motion control; with slope support for going uphill and customised speed settings to suit your journey. 

It has up to 6 miles worth of battery life in it, admittedly not the longest range, although it charges in just 1 hour. 

The regenerative braking system also means the scooter charges on braking, meaning you’re unlikely to ever run out of charge if you're only running short hops.

Best electric scooter: Razor E100 Electric Scooter

3. Razor E100 Electric Scooter

The best beginner's electric scooter for kids

Best for: Kids
Max Speed: 10mph
Battery life: 7 miles
Weight: 4kg
Reasons to buy
+ Suitable for 8 + years + Push button throttle 

This little electric scooter will certainly get children out in the fresh air. With up to 40 minutes continuous run time, the Razor E100 is a powerful scooter but is restricted to 10mph so it is much more suitable for play than for transport. 

It’s easy to operate, with a push button throttle and a kick start for moving off safely. There is some assembly required with this scooter but parents have said it’s very simple and the kickstand is also handy for storing the scooter in the garden or elsewhere.  

Best electric scooter: Inokim Light 2

4. Inokim Light 2 Electric Scooter

Upgraded with an improved battery and generous range

Best for: Convenience
Max Speed: 21mph
Battery life: 24 miles
Weight: 13.7kg
Reasons to buy
+ Folds away + Long-lasting battery 
Reasons to avoid
-Fairly basic design 

The Inokim Light 2 is a reliable electric scooter that can stay powered for up to 24 miles, a boost from the 16 miles of the original Light. It has a sturdy build but is also foldable so you can pack it away once you’ve reached your destination, and it’s not too heavy to carry, either. 

If you are looking for an electric scooter which boasts the longest battery life, then you can expect this one to get you from home to the office and back again with ease. Dual drum brakes help give it an extra safety kick, too. 

Best electric scooter: EVO Powerboard 48V

5. EVO Powerboard 48V

The best electric scooter for a super-speedy commute

Best for: Commuting
Max Speed: 24mph
Battery life: 15.5 miles
Weight: 43kg
Reasons to buy
+ Features a seat for comfortable riding + Front and rear lights 

If you really want something with a bit of power behind it, this electric scooter is the fastest on the list, and features a saddle so you can really get comfy when zooming around. It can go up to 24 miles per hour and can be legal to ride on the roads. 

It has a front and rear light for clear visibility and even though it looks quite bulky, it folds up nicely and has a quick-release folding mechanism for simple stops and starts. 

Best electric scooter: Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter

6. Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter

The best retro-style electric scooter for kids

Best for: Retro design
Max Speed: 15mph
Battery life: 10 miles
Weight: 26kg
Reasons to buy
+ Twist start grip throttle + Storage compartment under seat 

Kids can really get a feel for the road with this retro-style electric scooter. It comes in either black or pink, with a handy storage compartment under the seat, and is designed for easy scooting up to 15 miles per hour. 

There is a hand operated rear brake for complete control of this electric scooter, and a direct start twist-grip throttle to get you started with ease. It’s suitable for ages 13 + and it's always recommended to wear a full helmet with this type of electric scooter.