Microsoft Kinect hack: gesture-controlled web pages

MIT students let you use the force to surf the web

Minority Report-style web controls come to Kinect

Microsoft’s Kinect has only been on sale a short time, but already it’s been hacked so you can surf the web using gesture controls, a la Minority Report.

A group at the MIT Media Lab Fluid Interfaces Group devised DepthJS, a system that lets Javascript talk to the Kinect to perform actions like navigating web pages. A demo video shows them flicking through open tabs with a move of the hand, making a fist to select. The cursor appears as a blue ball, corresponding to hand movements. Scrolling is a simple case of waving up or down, then holding your palm to the camera lets you pan around the page.

Not all that useful, admittedly, but it makes the iPad look old fashioned. And think of the prospects.

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Link: Engadget