Night Terrors maps your home and turns it into a survival horror game

Best not play alone

If you're easily scared, this game isn't for you. It's called Night Terrors and it turns your home into a scary place to be.

That's because it uses your phone's camera and augmented reality features to overlay horrific scenarios onto your rooms. But first it maps your home using your mobile's accelerometer. It then creates a custom game based on your home's layout, and puts monsters right in your lounge.

You then walk around your home in the dark, finding your way using your phone's LED flash light. Go into the bedroom, and you'll see all manner of nasty ghouls on your mobile's screen, complete with accompanying sounds from your phone's speakers.

It also predicts your movements, and encourages you go certain directions to make for a better experience.

Giving over control of your phone's LED means you're in the game-makers' hands. It might choose to switch off the light to spook you some more and play heavy breathing sounds through your phone. Whatever works.

"In Night Terrors, every augmented element is photographed in order to compost elements and match lighting in the players' environment," the team wrote on the Indiegogo page. "With control over the device's LED, the lighting conditions of both element and environment can be manipulated to create a perfect, extraordinarily frightening match."

Check out the promo video and tell us you'll sleep safe at night.

The only thing that comes close is the game Alone on the Oculus Rift. It's a horror game within a horror game, that uses the immersive nature of the Rift to devastating effect. It sees you take the role of someone playing a game, but in a virtual environment. Cue lots of curtains blowing in the wind, creaking noises and general spookiness.