Samsung televisions embrace Gaikai cloud-gaming

Will TVs be LED-ing a gaming revolution?

With Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo currently fight for video-game supremacy at E3 could Samsung’s televised solution be the future of gaming?

Cloud-gaming is nothing new, but it hasn’t quite been the revolution that was predicted, but thanks to a built-in application supporting cloud platform Gaikai, Samsung’s LED TVs may accelerate adoption of the internet-based gaming solution.

Gaikai began in 2011 and offers videogames from numerous developers including EA and Ubisoft which means it offers ‘Mass Effect 3’, ‘Rayman Legends’ and ‘Crysis 2’ to name just a few of the titles available online.

But Gaikai can only stream PC games, which means that Samsung owners will not be visiting the Mushroom Kingdom or building any Little Big Planets anytime soon.

Samsung has hinted however at support for wired and wireless controllers from multiple manufacturers which should enhance the televised gaming experience and could see compatibility with Xbox 360 controllers.

Samsung seems confident in its new approach to video-gaming and says that it ‘takes advantage of all the benefits of cloud-computing, all on the central screen of the home - Samsung Smart TV’

Unfortunately, to take advantage of all the benefits of cloud-computing you will need a speedy internet connection, but this appears to be the only disadvantage to the system at this point, provided that the selection of games offered by Gaikai does not stagnate.

Gaikai won't be entering an empty market however, with the likes of OnLive already cemented and slowly building up momentum all eyes will be on whether they can dominate the cloud-gaming market.