Motorola may cut 4,000 jobs in Google shake up

Will be closing a third of its worldwide offices

While the forecast may not seem great for Motorola there's talk that the company is streamlining its efforts focusing instead on only high-end smartphones

Motorola will apparently be cutting nearly 4,000 jobs and over a third of its worldwide offices in a shake up that will see Google try and streamline the company that it recently bought.

According to The Wall Street Journal and AllThingsD nearly two thirds of all the job cuts will be outside of the US with a large percentage of Motorola's worldwide footprint being reduced in order to cut costs.

Google recently bought Motorola for a cool $12.5bn and ever since has been working out a way of making the firm profitable again. It is rumoured that Motorola will now only be focusing on making ultra high-end smartphones.

The company recently unveiled its Motorola RAZR MAXX an enhanced version of the traditional RAZR by offering a considerable leap in battery life. It now appears that both handsets are getting the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update.

Source: The Guardian