Google to pay difference after Nexus 7 price drop

Google and Asus both offering sweetners to those who adopted early

Google and Asus are offering price protection after the Nexus 7 16GB price drop as a way of saying 'thank you' to those who adopted early and bought the tablet before the discount.

While Google is offering a full refund if you bought your tablet from Asus they'll give you £25 worth of store credit, more than enough to kit your Jelly Bean tablet out in a new case.

Both companies however have set a cut off point stating that only customers who bought the tablet on or after

The Nexus 7 will be facing stiff competition in the run up to Christmas after Apple unveiled its mini iPad to take on the small tablet market, whilst boasting a smaller resolution screen Apple will be hoping that build-quality and the abundance of apps will win customers over.

Google have gone for the alternative route which is to offer the tablet at an even lower price whilst also bringing in the new Nexus 7 3G model for those who want truly mobile internet.

Source: Google