T3 Awards 2024: all Home and Style award winners announced

From vacuums and mattresses to hair stylers and watches, T3 celebrates the best Home and Style products of 2024

T3 Awards 2024: Home and Style
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The T3 Awards in association with Norton are back for 2024! This year, we’re championing and awarding the latest and greatest products from the past year, in terms of design, innovation and performance. As the in-person event is happening this week, we’ll be announcing the winners over the next few days, and we’re starting with Home and Style. 

Home and Style is a fairly broad category, covering everything from vacuum cleaners and mattresses, office chairs and hair stylers, watches and electric toothbrushes. T3’s Home team have tried and tested hundreds of Home and Style products over the past year, and have found the best of the best that deserve your attention.

Below you’ll find all the Home and Style winners, plus our picks for highly commended and a list of our worthy nominees. This week, we’ll be announcing all Tech, Active and Home winners this week, so stay tuned to find out who will be taking home the prizes. For all the nominees, take a look at T3 Awards 2024 shortlist.

Best Vacuum Cleaner

Shark Detect ProT3 Awards 2024 Winner logos

(Image credit: Lizzie Wilmot / T3)

Shark Detect Pro

Many big name brands released new innovative floor cleaning products this year, but our winner for the best vacuum cleaner for T3 Awards 2024 is the Shark Detect Pro. Shark has made a name for itself in the vacuum cleaner world, and its latest cordless vacuum is head and shoulders above the rest.

With its deep cleaning settings and multiple suction modes, the Shark Detect Pro has an attractive lightweight design and easily picks up dirt, dust and debris. Its Anti Hair Wrap technology works wonders on human and pet hair, and its reasonable price tag means its impressive design and performance is accessible to a wider audience. Find out all the details in our Shark Detect Pro review.

Highly Commended: Ultenic U12 Vesla

Best Vacuum Cleaner Shortlist: Dyson V15s Detect, Samsung Bespoke Jet AI, Henry Quick Pet

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Eufy Clean X9 Pro at home on a rugT3 Awards 2024 Winner logos

(Image credit: Future)

Eufy Clean X9 Pro

As the best robot vacuum cleaners have taken over the home, it only seemed right to create a separate award for vacuums and robot vacuums. Our winner this year is the Eufy Clean X9 Pro, a hybrid robot-mop that offers exceptional fuss-free cleaning.

While the Eufy Clean X9 Pro’s vacuuming performance is exceptional, it’s the twin-mop system that earns it the award. Its circular mops clean hard floors better than most competitors on the market, and cleverly rises up when it detects carpets. It moves smoothly over floors, and its mapping process is one of the best around. Find out all the details in our Eufy Clean X9 Pro review.

Highly Commended: iRobot Roomba Combo J9+

Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner Shortlist: Dyson 360 Vis Nav, Lefant N3, Eufy Omni S1 Pro

Best Home Air Device

Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet Formaldehyde reviewT3 Awards 2024 Winner logos

(Image credit: Beth Girdler-Maslen / T3)

Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet Formaldehyde

One of the biggest launches from Dyson in 2023 was its Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet Formaldehyde, which not only found its way onto our list for the best air purifier, but has now taken home a T3 Award for Best Home Air Device.

Straying away from Dyson’s typical fan-purifier design, the Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet Formaldehyde offers impressive air projection with its cleverly engineered cone head. Designed for large rooms and offices, it reaches up to 10 metres to pump clean air around the room, while filtering and destroying allergens, dust and bacteria at the same time. Find out all the details in our Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet Formaldehyde review.

Highly Commended: Blueair Blue Max 3250i

Best Home Air Device Shortlist: EcoFlow Wave 2, Meaco Fan, Duux Bora Smart Dehumidifier

Best Mattress

Emma NextGen Premium mattress reviewT3 Awards 2024 Winner logos

(Image credit: Beth Girdler-Maslen / T3)

Emma NextGen Premium

Moving into the bedroom, the best mattress award winner goes to the Emma NextGen Premium. This hybrid mattress is constructed of memory foam and springs for support, comfort and better alignment. It has a medium-firm feel, and all types of sleepers will love it, particularly side and back sleepers.

Emma has often been criticised for its temperature control, but it’s significantly improved after listening to feedback. The Emma NextGen Premium doesn’t trap heat and is much more breathable than ever before, something that overheating sleepers will appreciate. Find out all the details in our Emma NextGen Premium mattress review.

Highly Commended: Sleepeezee Centurial 03

Best Mattress Shortlist: Simba Hybrid Ultra, Origin Hybrid, Zinus Green Tea mattress

Best Duvet

Close up of Scooms Hungarian Goose Down duvetT3 Awards 2024 Winner logos

(Image credit: Scooms)

Scooms all-natural Hungarian goose down duvet

The Scooms all-natural Hungarian goose down duvet takes the best duvet award at this year’s T3 Awards. With a multitude of tog ratings to choose from, the Scooms all-natural Hungarian goose down duvet has a high build quality that allows you to add to the duvet for extra warmth or taking it away for a cooler night’s sleep.

Luxuriously cosy, the Scooms all-natural Hungarian goose down duvet offers a comforting weight with a selection of goose down and small white goose down feathers. While it’s not recommended for vegans, the feathers come from an ethical source and provide a lofty and fluffy feel. Find out all the details in our Scooms all-natural Hungarian goose down duvet review.

Highly Commended: Panda The Cloud Bamboo Duvet

Best Duvet Shortlist: Simba Hybrid Duvet with Stratos, Nectar Duvet, Silentnight Airmax duvet

Best Pillow

Luff Bamboo Forest pillow reviewT3 Awards 2024 Winner logos

(Image credit: Beth Girdler-Maslen / T3)

Luff Bamboo Forest Pillow

Since we’ve covered mattress and duvet, it only makes sense to give an award for  pillows! The best pillow we’ve tested this year is the Luff Bamboo Forest Pillow, a soft, firm and breathable pillow that comfortably supports the neck and head.

As the name suggests, the Luff Bamboo Forest Pillow is made of premium bamboo materials, which is eco-friendly, temperature regulating and antibacterial. It leaves you feeling cool and less sweaty while you sleep, and the cover is incredibly soft and spongy for the ultimate comfort. Find out all the details in our Luff Bamboo Forest Pillow review.

Highly Commended: Soak&Sleep Shredded Memory Foam pillow

Best Pillow Shortlist: Levitex Sleep Posture pillow, Panda Memory Foam Pillow, Scooms Hungarian Goose Down pillow

Best Office Chair

Slouch Task OneT3 Awards 2024 Winner logos

(Image credit: Lizzie Wilmot / T3)

Slouch Task One

Perfect for offices and WFH set-ups, the Slouch Task One is our winner for the best office chair. With a huge variety of options available, the Slouch Task One can be completely customised to your liking and to suit all office aesthetics.

Aside from looks, the Slouch Task One is easy to set up, and is fully adjustable for tailored support. Its range of ergonomic features keep your body feeling supported and comfortable during long hours sitting at a desk. Find out all the details in our Slouch Task One review.

Highly Commended: Boulies NUBI

Best Office Chair Shortlist: SIHOO Doro-C300 Ergonomic Office Chair, Quersus ICOS, Back In Action HAG SoFi Mesh 7500

Best Electric Toothbrush

SURI electric toothbrushT3 Awards 2024 Winner logos

(Image credit: SURI)

SURI Sustainable Electric Toothbrush

Toothbrushes are often thrown away once they get old, but the SURI Sustainable Electric Toothbrush is set to change that. As the best sustainable toothbrush in our best electric toothbrush, the body of the SURI Sustainable Electric Toothbrush is made of aluminium and the brush heads are made from plant based corn starch and castor oil.

In terms of performance, the SURI Sustainable Electric Toothbrush offers a deep clean, with its sonic vibration and two cleaning modes. It comes with a UV cleaning case for travel and hygiene, and leaves teeth feeling and looking cleaner. Find out all the details in our SURI Sustainable Electric Toothbrush review.

Highly Commended: Laifen Wave

Best Electric Toothbrush Shortlist: Philips Sonicare Diamondclean 9900 Prestige, Oral-B iO7, Ordo Sonic+

Best Hair Styling Tool

mdLondon Blow hair dryer reviewT3 Awards 2024 Winner logos

(Image credit: Joanna Ebsworth / T3)

mdlondon BLOW

The Best Hair Styling Tool is a new award for the T3 Awards 2024, and champions all things hair, from dryers and straighteners to curlers and wet-to-dry styler. The first ever winner for this award is the Mdlondon BLOW, which has been dubbed ‘better than the Dyson Supersonic and £100 cheaper”.

The Mdlondon BLOW is surprisingly powerful yet quiet and has a lightweight design for easy holding and maneuvering around the head. It’s great for building volume, and adds shine while reducing frizz and flyaways. The slim design is pretty, compact and is feature-packed. Find out all the details in our Mdlondon BLOW review.

Highly Commended: Nicky Clarke AirStyle PRO

Best Hair Styling Tool Shortlist: Shark SpeedStyle, Dyson Airstrait, Remington ONE Dry and Style Dryer

Best Hair Removal Tool

Braun Skin i-Expert Pro 7 PL7147T3 Awards 2024 Winner logos

(Image credit: Braun)

Braun Skin i-Expert Pro 7

In this award category, we’ve covered shavers, razors, epilators and IPL machines, but the best hair removal tool we’ve tried this year has been the Braun Skin i-Expert Pro 7.

An IPL machine in the shape and style of an epilator, the Braun Skin i-Expert Pro 7 offers efficient and fast hair removal that leaves skin feeling silky smooth. Reduced hair growth was almost immediate after the first season and it’s packed with impressive smart features for permanent hair and stubble-free results. Find out all the details in our Braun Skin i-Expert Pro 7 review.

Highly Commended: Philips Shaver Series 7000

Best Hair Removal Tool Shortlist: Ulike Air+ IPL, Sensica Sensilight PRO, Braun Series 9 PRO+

Best Watch

The Christopher Ward C60 Atoll 300 with a blue dial on a grey backgroundT3 Awards 2024 Winner logos

(Image credit: Future / Sam Cross)

Christopher Ward C60 Atoll 300

Finally, the Christopher Ward C60 Atoll 300 takes the T3 Award for the best watch. Our resident watch expert has happily worn many of Christopher Ward’s timepieces and found the Christopher Ward C60 Atoll 300 to be one of the best performing dive watches on the market.

Housed in a 40mm case, the Christopher Ward C60 Atoll 300 offers 300 metres of water resistance and a 38 hour power reserve, thanks to its Sellita SW200-1 movement. The lacquered dial gives a stunning sense of movement and is based on the appearance of the Indian Ocean. Find out all the details in our A Week On The Wrist with Christopher Ward C60 Atoll 300.

Highly Commended: Spinnaker Hull Chronograph

Best Watch Shortlist: Marloe ‘True’ GMT watch, Norqain Neverest Glacier, Hamilton Khaki Field Expedition

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