Mdlondon BLOW Hair Dryer review: pretty, petite and practically perfect in every way

Davina McCall’s favourite hair dryer is just as good as the Dyson Supersonic... and it’s £100 cheaper

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mdLondon Blow hair dryer review
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The mdlondon BLOW Hair Dryer boasts an extremely compact, lightweight, and quiet design to take the hard work out of hair styling. Expertly conceived, it packs all the features you’d expect from a premium product yet pays attention to the smallest game-changing details. Guaranteed to elevate your styling experience and appearance.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Super lightweight and compact

  • +

    Powerful yet quiet

  • +

    Creates flyaway-free locks and extra shine

  • +

    Great for building volume

  • +

    Extra-long nozzle matches the length of a round brush

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Buttons aren’t well positioned for left-handers

  • -

    It’s still pricey

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TL;DR: The mdlondon BLOW is one of the most compact, lightweight hair dryers on the market yet possesses all the power to match its premium rivals

As someone who tests out the best hairdryers, the best hair straighteners and the best hair curlers for a living, it’s fair to say my inbox gets inundated with news about the latest innovations in hair styling tech. 

On the plus side, the constant advancement in hair tools means it’s never been easier for all of us to achieve salon-worthy hair at home. On the downside, choosing the right tool for your hair type, styling needs, and budget (from hundreds of options) has never been more of a minefield!

Take the humble hair dryer, for instance. A basic £20 model will get your hair dry eventually, but it could leave you looking more Hagrid than Heidi Klum, while a high-end Dyson Supersonic for around £300 has the power to elevate your hairstyling to supermodel heights in minutes.

Of course, it’s down to you to decide how much power, control, and versatility you want from your hair dryer – and how much money you’re willing to spend to get it. But if you want it all for much less than the Dyson Supersonic, might I suggest you check out the multi-award winning mdlondon BLOW Hair Dryer?

Created by professional hairdresser Michael Douglas, who has been tending the locks of celebrities and supermodels such as Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, and his partner Davina McCall (to name a few) for over 35 years, this is a man on a mission to demystify the world of hair styling with simple hair tools that really work.

So, whether you like your blowout sleek and silky, big and bouncy, or defined and frizz-free, the mdlondon BLOW could be just the tool you need to achieve your desired style at home without having to spend hours in the stylist’s chair. Here’s why.


The mdlondon BLOW Hair Dryer is now available to buy in the UK and ROI in three colours – Casual Blue, Olive Green, and Blush - for a recommended retail price of £195 from mdlondon and selected third party retailers including Harvey Nichols, Feeluniqueand Sephora UK.

The Blush and Casual Blue models come with two attachments (one small nozzle and one that’s wider) which connect magnetically to the barrel, while the PRO Olive Green model comes with an updated nozzle that lets you slip the attachments over the end. A BLOW diffuser attachment can be purchased separately for an extra £25, and if you like your hair tools to coordinate, you can buy the mdlondon STRAIT Hair Straightener in the same colour as your BLOW Hair Dryer.

mdLondon Blow hair dryer review

(Image credit: Joanna Ebsworth / T3)


For this review, I tested the Blush version of the BLOW Hair Dryer which was released as a limited edition colourway a few months ago. It’s proved so popular since, however, that it’s now here to stay - and it’s not hard to see why. 

The packaging is simple, effective, classy, and made entirely from cardboard (there’s not a single scrap of plastic in sight), which reflects the hair dryer’s more energy efficient – and therefore, more sustainable – credentials.

On the outside of the box, you’ll find a QR code that, once scanned, leads you to a video tutorial breaking down all of the BLOW hair dryer’s fantastic features, along with plenty of tips from Douglas on how to use the dryer to its full potential and keep it in good working order so it lasts longer. That said, it’s worth noting that the BLOW comes with a three-year warranty when you register it online within 28 days of purchase (non-registered hair dryers are still guaranteed for a year). 

Inside, you’ll find the BLOW hair dryer, two directional nozzle attachments, and an instruction booklet. All you need to do is watch the video, plug it in, select your attachment, and you’re off.

mdLondon Blow hair dryer review

(Image credit: Joanna Ebsworth / T3)


In terms of looks, the mdlondon BLOW stands out among a sea of black or shiny hair tools, and it’s a very welcome change. In fact, it’s crazy how well this hair dryer blends a cool retro vibe with technological modernity. The shiny copper buttons and logo subtly pop against the chic matte finish, available in a choice of three ‘Farrow and Ball’-inspired shades (matching Douglas’ studio) that are worthy of any boudoir or hair salon. And then there’s the T-shape of the dryer. 

Some have called it gimmicky, but it turns out the composition is entirely functional. Firstly, the almost-symmetrical T-shape feels completely balanced in your hand, so you feel 100 per cent in control of directing the dryer to the angle you want it to be in, rather than struggling against it.

Moreover, it provides space within the compact design for the powerful motor and the separate filter which is positioned at the rear of the barrel. This might sound like a small thing, but when you compare it to the Dyson Supersonic with its filter in the handle, you’ll soon realise that there’s less risk of blocking the airflow while styling your hair.

As mentioned, the BLOW is extremely compact. In fact, it feels smaller in the hand than any travel hair dryer I’ve tried before and comes with an extra-long 3m power cable. Even better, it’s incredibly lightweight, weighing a mere 360 grams (excluding the cord). 

Putting that into context, it’s a whole 200 grams less than the Dyson Supersonic (560g without attachments); 140 grams less than the Shark Style iQ Ionic Hair Dryer (500g); and 420 grams less than the ghd Helios (780g) – and that can only mean less arm ache when you’re styling.

mdLondon Blow hair dryer review

(Image credit: Joanna Ebsworth / T3)


The mdllondon BLOW Hair Dryer boasts a cutting-edge 1600W DC-brushless motor, which means there’s fewer moving parts inside the dryer for less wear and tear over time (Douglas says the BLOW is ‘likely to last five to eight years longer than a conventional hair dryer’).

Less parts also means reduced energy consumption so, in something of an oxymoron, the BLOW delivers all the power you’d expect from a luxury dryer, but it’s energy efficient, too. Oh, and it’s really quiet, generating just 71DB of noise to earn a Quiet Mark certification.

In terms of buttons, you get an on/off switch, a variable heat button, a variable speed button, and a cool shot button, all of which light up to tell you what level you’re using (this non-digital approach is a simple but effective one). Just turn the dryer on to get ‘cold air’, then press the variable heat button to reach the low heat (60°C), medium heat (80°C), or high heat (100°C) for a total of four heat settings, not including the cool shot. 

Finally, at the rear of the hair dryer, you’ll find an ingenious self-cleaning, ‘reverse motor’ function to help blast away dirt, dust, and debris when you remove the filter cap and hold down the cool shot button for five seconds when the dryer is in standby mode – brilliant for helping to increase the longevity and overall performance of the dryer.

mdLondon Blow hair dryer review

(Image credit: Joanna Ebsworth / T3)


First off, a disclosure: I was lucky enough to be invited to a blow dry appointment with Douglas to witness the power and precision of the mdlondon BLOW in person before taking one home to test.

Having seen how incredible my hair looked after my appointment (sleek, shiny, and voluminous doesn’t even begin to cover it), I was determined to put everything I’d learned about the dryer into practice. But I reckon the BLOW would have completely changed how I feel about styling my hair without the tips from Douglas.

I have incredibly thick hair, and lots of it, so I only attempt to blow dry my own hair on very special occasions, usually allocating several hours to getting the job done because I need to take breaks at regular intervals to rest my arms. Not so with the mdlondon BLOW! This dryer feels so small in your hand, and is so lightweight to hold, it’s hard to believe you’re using a professional-standard hair dryer. Size and weight aside, I also love the fact that it’s so quiet. 

For the last year, I’ve been using either the Shark Style iQ or the Shark FlexStyle to dry my hair, and both make very loud, high-pitched whooshing sounds when turned on. I thought that was the price I had to pay for great looking hair. But I’m now reveling in the fact that I can listen to music and/or hold a conversation with my partner while I’m using the BLOW, rather than doing the usual, ‘I’m drying my hair now, so I’ll talk to you later’.

mdLondon Blow hair dryer review

(Image credit: Joanna Ebsworth / T3)

The mdlondon BLOW dries your hair quicker, which I attribute in part to the longer nozzle attachment. At 9cm long, it’s the same length as a round brush, so it allows you to style more hair at once, while its narrow 3mm width compresses air to such a degree, you end up with beautifully sleek, shiny locks with barely a flyaway in sight after directing the air down the hair shaft. 

I should add that you need a fair bit of grip strength to get the magnetic attachments on and off - as well as a dash of confidence to know you won’t break the dryer or nozzles while you’re removing them, but once you attain that confidence, you’ll appreciate the unshakable connections that never wobble and stay firmly in place.

Being right-handed, I found all the buttons were perfectly placed and intuitive to use, but left-handed people will struggle with the design: fact. That means 10 per cent of the population won’t like the BLOW, and the other 90 per cent (like me) will love it.

Another thing I especially liked was the cool shot button, which was effortless to reach and blasted out cool air within a couple of seconds to set my style in place with ease. Equally, the thin barrel (minus attachments) is small enough to get right up into the roots for amazing volume.

mdLondon Blow hair dryer review

(Image credit: Joanna Ebsworth / T3)


The mdlondon BLOW Hair Dryer is pretty, petite, and practically perfect in every way. Compared to the Dyson Supersonic, it’s lighter and quieter, less costly, has a longer cable, and a self-cleaning function, while possessing the same amount of power and an equal number of heat/speed settings. 

The compact construction doesn’t compromise on control, power, comfort, or quality. In fact, its lightweight yet luxurious design only increases its usability. Yes, it’s a premium purchase, but you also get longevity and energy-efficiency for your investment, along with incredible hair.

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