Dyson Airstrait review: stellar wet-to-dry straighteners that styles and protects

The latest hair tool from Dyson might beat the beloved AirWrap at its own game

Dyson Airstrait review
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The latest wet-to-dry hair styler from Dyson comes in the form of the Dyson Airstrait. With the design, look and feel of hair straighteners, this 2-in-1 tool dries and straightens your hair, using directional air flow rather than heat to keep hair safe and healthy. For those who like straight locks, the Dyson Airstrait is definitely a winner, although if it’s curls you’re after, it falls a little short. Regardless, my hair has never felt healthier or looked shinier.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Dries, straightens and styles all in one

  • +

    Automatically adjusts to keep hair safe and healthy

  • +

    Leaves hair feeling smooth, soft and silky

  • +

    Pretty, clever and lightweight design

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Struggles to dry the roots at times

  • -


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If anyone could come up with a hair styler that would give the Dyson AirWrap a run for its money, it would be Dyson. The latest haircare launch from Dyson, the Dyson Airstrait launched back in late 2023, a 2-in-1 styling tool that takes hair from wet-to-dry in minutes.

Looking like a pair of the best hair straighteners while also acting like the best hair dryer is no mean feat, and it looks like Dyson has accomplished it with the Dyson Airstrait. But how does it really work? And will it knock the AirWrap off its pedestal? I used the Dyson Airstrait for a few weeks to see for myself.

Dyson Airstrait review: price and availability

The Dyson Airstrait is available to buy for £449.99 at Dyson. This price is £30 cheaper than the coveted AirWrap but is still quite high compared to other wet-to-dry hair tools. It’s currently available in two colours: Bright nickel and bright copper or Prussian blue and rich copper.

Dyson Airstrait review

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Dyson Airstrait review: unboxing

The Dyson Airstrait arrived in a sleek and compact case with very little inside. Unlike the AirWrap, the Dyson Airstrait is one tool so it doesn’t come with a plethora of accessories like the former. Instead, in the box is the Dyson Airstrait connected to a short cord but a huge plug, a heat pad and an instructions manual.


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Dyson Airstrait review: design and features

The Dyson Airstrait looks like a pair of straighteners but is actually a dryer and straighteners in one. Rather than using heat plates, the Dyson Airstrait heats and projects the air using glass bead thermistors in the arms to regulate the air flow. It has a 13 blade impeller that generates 3.5kPa of pressure and spins up to 106,000rpm while releasing 11.9 litres of air through the machine per second.

When the Dyson Airstrait is closed, which can be fixed with a sliding button on one side, the arms project air to dry your hair. When the Dyson Airstrait is open, the arms can be used to straighten. There are buttons on one side that turn the device on and off, control the heat, air flow and cold shot. A screen sits above the buttons which shows cartoon images, numbers and words to show the temperature and what it’s doing.

The reason the Dyson Airstrait works this way is to provide two different types of styling in one device, and in a much healthier way. Using air rather than heat, it preserves hair strength and shine, while preventing damage and breakage. The Dyson Airstrait is designed to leave hair looking and feeling healthier and shiner, with reduced frizz.

Dyson Airstrait review

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Dyson Airstrait review: performance

I’ve been using the Dyson AirWrap for months now, and it’s safe to say that I’m a convert. But as it comes with so many attachments to play with, I was looking forward to trying the Dyson Airstrait as it does everything for you in one, and without you having to turn it off to change modes.

The design of the Dyson Airstrait is beautiful, as you’d expect with any Dyson product. It looks similar to the Dyson Corrale but unlike the original Dyson straighteners, which many people found to be too heavy, it’s extremely lightweight and easy to hold and use. The buttons are laid out nicely and the open and closing mechanism easily takes you from drying to straightening and back again.

When using the Dyson Airstrait, I tended to close the plates to use them as a dryer to get my hair about 50% dry before I opened the plates and straightened it. Depending on the mode you’re using, and if the Dyson Airstrait is in contact with your hair or not, it does make a bit of noise but it’s not offensive. When you run the Dyson Airstrait through your hair, you can notice the change in the air projection and noise, as it automatically detects and adjusts, so I felt like my hair was protected when in use.

After a few uses, I’d definitely say that the Dyson Airstrait is more of a straightener than a dryer, although it does both jobs admirably. At times, I found it hard to get close to my roots so often the back of my head felt a little damp after I’d finished styling my hair. I have quite fine hair which doesn’t take long to dry, but the Dyson Airstrait took a while longer for me to dry, straighten and style than usual, so I think people with thicker hair might struggle.

Those negatives aside, I really enjoyed using the Dyson Airstrait and it definitely made my hair styling routine much easier, especially as I didn’t have to deal with the faff of changing attachments or unplugging my hair dryer to plug in my straighteners. My hair has also never felt or looked smoother, shinier and healthier, although I did experience a bit of frizz at times.

Dyson Airstrait review: verdict

The Dyson Airstrait gets high marks from me, as it’s an impressive 2-in-1 wet-to-dry tool. It looks good, is easy to hold and use, and dries and straightens your hair effectively, while leaving your hair looking and feeling amazing. The price might put people off but as a Dyson product, you know it’ll last a lifetime.

However, I still love the Dyson Airwrap and that’s what I tend to reach for when drying and styling my hair, as I prefer a wavy finish. But for those who love straight hair, the Dyson Airstrait is definitely what I’d recommend, and I’d suggest using it over the AirWrap for that type of styling.

Dyson Airstrait review: alternatives to consider

As I’ve mentioned countless times throughout this review, I doubt you'll be surprised when I say that the best alternative to the Dyson Airstrait is the Dyson AirWrap. Only £30 more expensive than the Airstrait, the AirWrap tackles any hair styling job you could think of, plus it comes with many accessories to play with so you’ll never need another styler again.

For an alternative that’s not from Dyson, the ghd Duet Style is a brilliant wet-to-dry styler that’s quick, stylish and light. It’s less expensive than the Airstrait at £379, and it works just as well if not better.

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