The best cheap Sonos deals for September 2018

All the best prices on the Sonos fam, including the all-new Sonos Beam

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Sonos is synonymous with multi-room, wireless audio and home cinema speakers. Its products are only occasionally discounted, so fill your boots with its multi-room, now voice-controlled speakers when you can.

The Amazon Alexa-enabled speakers, in a choice of black or white, can be used in different rooms, or put together as a great-sounding stereo pair. 

Sonos One already supports umpteen music streaming services, with full Alexa voice control for Amazon Music and Spotify. 

Later this year, support will be added for Google Assistant as well, and Apple lovers will be chuffed to hear that AirPlay 2 is also headed to this and other Sonos devices. Happy days.

As well as direct from Sonos, you can get the same 2-for-the-price-of-about-1-and 3-quarters deal at your favourite retail outlets, ie: Amazon and John Lewis. The latter also chucks in its usual free delivery and two-year warranty.

Best Sonos Playbase deals

Best Sonos Playbar deals

Best Sonos Play 5 deals

With its subtle curves and agreeable tactile – strokable, even – black or white finish, the Sonos Play 5 is a bit of a beauty, but also a room-filling beast when it comes to sound. If you're so inclined, you can also 'tune' its sound to your room, by walking around said room waving your phone around, while it plays a series of tones. You might feel a bit of a tit, but the results can be quite impressive. 

Best Sonos Play 3 deals

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Having gone un-updated for years, we're expecting to see some discounts on the excellent Play 3 this year. It's arguably the best value of all of the brand's speakers already.

Sonos One, Sonos Sub, Sonos Connect, Sonos Connect Amp, Sonos Beam

I wouldn't hold your breath if you're waiting on mega dealz on these, but we shall see…