Best cheap Sonos deals for Black Friday 2018: get up to $100 off as Sonos US deals revealed!

All the best Black Friday prices on all the Sonos speakers. UK discounts to be announced soon…

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If you want the Best Black Friday 2018 UK deals on Sonos then you're in the right place.

Think wireless audio, and most people think Sonos: the company makes some of the best wireless speakers in the business, and has been doing for a number of years now.

You do have to pay for this level of audio quality – but we're here to keep your spending as low as possible, digging out the very best prices going right now during the Black Friday event, which has already kicked off, with many retailers slashing their prices (on things other than Sonos).

We can now reveal that in the USA, those wanting a bit of Sonos love can save $25 on Sonos One, $50 on Sonos Beam and a socking $100 on the bass-boosting Sonos Sub.

That means you could get a Sonos 5.1 surround system (a Beam, 2x Sonos One and a Sub) and save a total of $200. Just putting that idea out there.

These speakers can carry your tunes from room to room with ease, and all the big names are supported: Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play Music and more. Everything sounds superb coming through a Sonos speaker as well.

More recently, Sonos has started adding Amazon Alexa to its speaker range, giving you even more ways to queue up your tunes of choice. Support for Google Assistant and AirPlay 2 is on the way, Sonos promises.

If you want to get these excellent Sonos speakers at the best prices, you've come to the right place – we've done all the shopping leg work for you. All these speakers work seamlessly together as well, so you can set up your Sonos smart home however you like.

Best Sonos One deals

Sonos One best sonos deals Black Friday

Sonos One

The smallest of the newer Sonos speakers, with stereo pairing capability and on-board digital assistant support. The perfect way into the world of Sonos speakers, winner of T3's Gadget of the Year, no less, and a bargain even when it's not discounted.

If you're in America, I can tell you right now that from November 22 until November 26, you can save $25 on the Sonos One speaker. Keep refreshing that link from now until Black Friday, y'all.

Our UK readers may be able to draw some conclusions about what potential discounts here might be, but my lips are SEALED.

Best Sonos Beam deals

Sonos Beam best sonos deals Black Friday

Sonos Beam

The Sonos Beam is the more compact, less expensive, Alexa-enabled alternative to the Sonos Playbar: great sound from your TV system as well as streamed music. 

If anything, this is an even better product than the Sonos One, although less versatile in terms of placement due to its shape. It's also more expensive, of course, however…

American Beam shoppers will be able to save a fantastic $50 on the Sonos Beam soundbar from (Black) Friday 22 until (Cyber) Monday 26 November. You'd be foolish to miss out. 

Deals on Sonos Sub, Sonos Connect, and more

Sonos Amp best cheap sonos deals Black Friday

Sonos Amp

If you haven't noticed, Sonos makes plenty of other kit too. Here are the best prices on its subwoofers, amps, and connecting bridges to complete your collection.

Those 'basshunters', who are quite literally 'all about that bass', should be ready to pounce on the $100 discount on Sonos Sub, which will again be valid from November 22 to 26 in the US. No word on UK price cuts yet…

Best Sonos Playbar deals

Sonos Playbar best Sonos deals Black Friday

The much bigger, louder, older brother of Sonos Beam, Playbar doesn't have Alexa built in but is nonetheless a fine product. Again, it can be paired with a Sub and/or brace of other speakers (Sonos Ones or Play 1s are the obvious choice) to make a 5.0 or 5.1 surround sound system.

Best Sonos Playbase deals

Sonos Playbase best sonos deals Black Friday

Sonos Playbase

If you need a Sonos to sit , rather than below and just in front of, your TV and provide ear-pleasing sound, then this is the one to go for: you can stream music to it as well as hear movies in high fidelity.

It's bigger and louder than the Beam or Playbar but also, clearly, somewhat bulkier. However as your TV sits directly on top of it, the larger footprint doesn't really matter (so long as you don't keep your TV on a narrow shelf).

Best Sonos Play 5 deals

Sonos Play 5 best cheap sonos deals Black Friday

Sonos Play 5

With its subtle curves and agreeably tactile black or white finish, the Sonos Play 5 is both a beauty and a speaker capable of filling a room with crisp and clear audio.

Best Sonos Play 1 deals

Sonos Play 1 best cheap sonos one deals Black Friday

Sonos Play 1

The original mini home speaker, you can get the Play:1 and save some money if you don't feel the need to control your Sonos speakers with Alexa or Google Assistant.