Tech Week: New Dell tablet and Sony PSP phone rumours

Plus: BlackBerry Storm 3 pictures surface

Yet another busy week in tech has past us by, here are our highlight from the past seven days, enjoy.

News of the Week

Tablets have been hot on the tech news agenda this week as Michael Dell unveiled a second Dell tablet, which was then closely followed by video footage showing off a Dell looking glass tablet. Meanwhile prices for the Samsung Galaxy Tab continue to fall after a jaw-dropping £700 price tag was first spotted on Amazon. The UK online retailer has now slashed the price again which you can read all about here.

Facebook phone rumours continue to surface, despite the company initially dismissing talk of a Facebook branded handset. The latest suggests Facebook phones are coming to Three mobile in March 2011. Pictures and specs of the HTC HD7 leaked onto the web as Microsoft also confirmed that Windows Phone 7 will be available on all UK networks. There's good news for BB fans as BlackBerry Storm 3 pictures hit the web potentially showing off RIM's latest smartphone release.

Halo: Reach continues to rack up the achievements with claims this week that Bungie's last shooter has doubled new Xbox 360 sales. Unfortunately, Halo: Reach disc error issues have also been affecting some owners of the new Halo which Microsoft confirmed after the number of complaints increased. Peter Molyneux's bizarre Kinect game offering Project Milo could be cancelled with talk that a Kinect-friendly Fable is now a little higher on the list of priorities.

PS3 fans can look forward to the latest addition to Sony console's interface, Playmemories, an application which brings 3D snaps to your PS3. Perhaps the biggest gaming news of the week however is that Sony looks to be hiring a PSP phone team re-igniting speculation that a gaming/phone device could be on the way.

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Features of the Week

The 2010 Forbes 400 rich list was revealed this week and while Bill Gates continues to sit top of the pile, a special mention must go to 26-year-old Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg who is now the 35th richest man in the US. Want to know how? Well find out here how to make a billion in tech.

If you're finding the urban landscape a daunting one then fear not. Here at T3 we sympathise and have decided to put together an essential list of urban apps that will help you to eat at the best places, get from A to B and even see what movies are on. So panic not, and click here for our best urban apps.

Looking for a sporty new motor to throw large amounts of cash at? Well, here's our pick of the hottest motors to park up in this month, which includes a rather tasty looking Lotus 125.

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Reviews of the Week

We saw Panny's first professional 3D camcorder at CES this year, and now we have got our hands on the Panasonic HDC-SDT750, its first consumer 3D camcorder. You can find out if 3D really is the future of home video here.

If you are looking for a new home for your iPod or iPhone, we've taken closer look at the Fatman Carbon Trinity iPod dock. The Fatman iTube Carbon Edition 2 has been a fixture in our run down of the Best iPod docks, so will the new Fatman be music to T3 ears?

Ebooks is fast becoming lucrative business, so it comes as no suprise that Sony has launched an updated edition of the Sony Reader Touch. Sporting a Kindle-esque E-ink Pearl display, find out if the new changes have made for a better reading experience.

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