Tech Today: Facebook tag suggestions deemed illegal

Plus: Randi Zuckerberg quits Facebook

It's the tech news that broke after you logged-off.

Facebook face recognition illegal says Germany
The tag suggestions feature rolled-out by Facebook in Europe in June has been declared illegal by the German authorities. The controversial tech helps people to automatically tag their friends in photos through facial recognition. The Germans say the data Facebook is collecting is threatening the right to anonymity. Facebook has two weeks to remove it or face a large fine.
Link: The Atlantic Wire

Instagram hits 150m photo uploads
Hipsters upload a lot of photos. Their iPhone sharing app of choice has just reached 150m uploads, just 9 months after it launched. That's 15 photos every second. 80 per cent of those photos have the app's famous retro filters that give those photos the vintage feel so desired by the cool kids.
Link: TechCrunch

Apple launches Find My Mac tool for
Developers with early access to Apple's iCloud storage solution can now test a new Find My Mac feature, which allows users to locate, lock and wipe a mislaid Mac. The feature is similar to the Find My iPhone app, but it will use Wi-Fi networks instead of GPS to track down the missing MacBook.
Link: AppleInsider

New Cut the Rope game arrives on the App Store
The latest incarnation of the massively-popular Cut the Rope hit the App Store on Wednesday night, with an experimental flavour. Om Nom is now the subject of a mad scientists experiments as he seeks to understand the monster's insatiable appetite for candy. There's 75 new levels and new gameplay features galore. It's available now for 69p
Link: iTunes

Zuckerberg's sister leaves Facebook
Randi Zuckerberg, the former Facebook marketing director, has left her brother Mark's company to start her own media firm. All Things Digital reckons that Randi, who joined Facebook soon after it launched in 2004, will start a company called RtoZ, which will help companies become more social.
Link: AllThingsD

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