Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon: The New Era of Family Computing is here

Meet the most versatile, family-friendly PC you’ll ever own

The Horizon gives families everything they need from a desktop PC with the fun and flexibility of a multi-user touchscreen tablet.

Computing is changing at an exponential rate. What was once a lonesome affair, with single users hunched over a small monitor has become a highly social, family friendly experience, centred around entertainment, interactive, collaborative apps and rich, colourful games that everyone can enjoy together.

Nowhere is this new dawn more evident than with the new Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon. It combines everything you love and need from a desktop PC, combined with the endless flexibility of owning an intuitive touchscreen tablet that adapts to your needs.

Combining work and entertainment seamlessly

At its heart, the Horizon is an almost impossibly thin and sleek, 27-inch all-in-one desktop PC, powered by the new Windows 8 operating system. Whether it’s business presentations, school projects, holiday planning, updating the family calendar, the precise editing and collating of family photo albums, or enjoying a video call with absent friends and family members on Skype on the 720p HD webcam, its all in your arsenal.


The full HD 1080p screen is also large and rich enough for everyone to pull up a pew and watch digital movies or TV shows downloaded from the web, while the integrated Dolby Home Theatre V4 speakers provide enough aural goodness to enhance the biggest action blockbusters of the summer.

There’s also a HDMI input (quite rare for an all-in-one PC) that allows you to connect up your Blu-ray/DVD player, games console or set-top box, giving you another option for a big screen display around the house.

Despite its sleek body, it’s also got a 1TB hard drive, which can house all of your clan’s favourite photos, games, apps and music collections. Meanwhile, the Intel Core i7 processors can handle any task thrown in its direction with consummate ease.


However, the real magic begins when users release the SmartStand and lay the Horizon on a flat surface. Essentially it becomes giant tablet that, thanks to some touchscreen wizardry and intuitive software, everyone can use at once!

This physical transformation launches the new, custom-build Aura user interface, which was designed specifically for more than one person to use at a time (no more kids fighting over the computer, mums and dads!)

The ten-point touchscreen allows two or more people in the household to select an app and use it simultaneously; whether it’s checking out photos, playing games, listening to music or watching video.


Aura is also loaded with educational apps so kids can play, learn and explore their creativity together. They can help each paint the same picture, work together so solve puzzles and so much more. Worried about your computer spending too much time on the floor? The rubber edges will protect it from those inevitable knocks and bumps!

And, whenever you get an important notification from Windows 8, you can easily return to the main OS, kick up the stand and go back to work.


Aura also introduces a unique gaming interface that, with titles from the likes of EA and Ubisoft, along with some innovative, bundled-in gaming accessories that take touchscreen gaming to new levels.

Anyone who snaps up the Horizon for their family will receive the E-Dice, which can be used for board games like Monopoly or if the grown-ups decide to have a casino night on Texas Hold ‘Em. The USB-charged accessory will instantly sync with the game you’re playing, so the board knows what you’ve thrown.

There’s also an awesome Air Hockey game that can be played with the Striker accessories that up to four players can slide across the touchscreen, while there are also mini Joysticks that bring to life adventure games, such as Raiding Company. All of the games are pre-installed for free and there’s plenty more apps and games being developed.

If that’s not enough to keep your playful family occupied, at any time users can exit Aura and return to the Windows 8 interface and access hundreds of interactive touchscreen games available on the Windows Store! Want Android apps like your smartphone? No problem. The IdeaCentre Horizon also contains the BlueStacks software that unlocks Android apps for Windows-based devices.

So, there you have it. Families can work, play, create, learn, experience, and be thoroughly entertained in a variety of settings thanks to the new Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon. Are you ready to join the new era of family computing?