App week: iWork for iPhone, Twitter photo-sharing app

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Every Saturday we round-up the week in mobile applications bringing you news of the biggest new releases across all major platforms and a host of reviews from T3's App Chart. Let's crack on...


iPhone app news: iWork lands on iPhone and iPod touch
We've seen Apple's office suite on the iPad for ages, so it's great to see it migrate to the smaller screens. iWork for iPhone and iPod touch brings Keynote, Pages and Numbers to the App Store for £5.99 each having been optimised for the 3.5-inch displays.

T3 Gadget Awards to crown App of the Year
Is there a smartphone application that has changed your life? Well now's the time to make yourself heard. The massively influential T3 Gadget Awards are back and we're asking you to help us crown the 2011 App of the Year. Check out the nominations and cast your vote.

Twitter app news: Official photo-sharing app launched
In a move that could spell the end for the likes of Twitpic and yfrog, Twitter has launched an official photo-sharing client to plug into its smartphone apps and website. Twitter reckons it will remove the friction from posting pictures to your feed.

iPad app news: Fanhattan makes streaming movies easier
Movie fans now have options, aside from iTunes to stream movies on their iPad. Fanhattan for iPad brings them all together in a comprehensive free app that allows you to choose the cheapest and best quality means of purchase as well as comprehensive information about the film.

Android app news: Google bans retro gaming tools
There aren't that many great games for Android, which makes Google's banning of console emulators all-the-more queer. Apps like SNesoid and Gameboid have been binned from the Android Market, with no explanation from Google. Goodbye Mario Kart, you will be missed.

iPhone app news: A new kind of augmented reality
We're seen augmented reality apps before, but this one is a little different. Launched in association with the Green Lantern film, Zappar brings inanimate objects to life. If you point your camera lens at a Zappar-approved image it'll come to life in another dimension.

App of the Day | 4od Catch-up
4od arrives on iPad, and what's more the on-demand service is currently free!
T3 App Chart | Top 10 iPad Apps | 4od Catch-up Review


iPad app review: 4oD Catch Up
Since the iPlayer landed on the iPad, we've been waiting for Channel 4's own impressive catch-up TV service to hit Apple's tablet. 4oD Catch Up for iPad is free to download and features the best British content from C4. However, the archive isn't there yet and there's none of the channels American shows on board.

iPhone app review: Axe in Face
While this sounds like something the Daily Mail would want banned, it's actually about a Viking whose favourite hobby is gardening, iPhone game Axe in Face sees old Red Beard attempt to protect his lovely fields of daffodils by fighting-off marauding herds of fellow Norsemen.

Windows Phone 7 review: South Park Soundboard
While soundboards can mostly be more annoying than their screen-prodding owners, they're always handy to have in the locker for that time when you need the perfect put-down. And there's no group of eight year-olds better equipped to slate your mates than the kids of South Park Elementary. It's the most popular soundboard available for the platform.

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